Fun Facts About February's Birthstone Amethyst

February's birthstone is the elegant and stunning Amethyst. Here are some interesting facts you likely don't know about Amethyst.


  • Amethyst is the birthstone for February and Pisces signs born between February 19th - March 20th. The corresponding zodiac signs for Amethyst in Astrology are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.


  • The name "amethyst" comes from the Greek word, "amethystos", which translates to "not intoxicated". Some Greeks believed that amethyst could protect a person from becoming intoxicated.


  • Amethyst crystals are slightly pinkish violet to a deep grape purple gemstones belonging to the quartz family.


  • Amethyst gemstones are known for their vibrant violet hue. The purple stones gets its color when iron replaces silicone in the structure of the crystal through irradiation.


  • Unlike most precious and semi-precious gemstones, where their price corresponds directly to weight, amethysts’ value relies on the vibrancy of its color. The most valuable color of amethyst is "Deep Russian," which is so rare that the price is dependent on collector interest.


  • Amethyst stones are widely distributed as a mineral but fine, clear specimens that are suitable for jewelry are rather rare. It is found in areas such as Brazil, Uruguay, North Carolina in the United States and Chile.


  • Due to how widespread quartz as a mineral is, amethyst gems are widely available in varying quantities. One of the largest deposits of amethysts is in Zambia


  • The color of amethyst crystals shifts when exposed to high temperatures. When natural amethyst stones heat up, they lose their distinctive purple hue and become dark yellow or orange in color. Because so much citrine is heat treated amethyst due to the uncommonness of natural citrine, a significant part of available citrine on the market is actually amethyst. In addition, partially heated amethyst creates a yellow and purple crystal called ametrine.


  • Heat treated amethyst makes up 99% of the “citrine” market.  


  • Ametrine is also known as bolivianite or trysnite. The first name is an allusion to the point that the majority of ametrine stem from Bolivia.


  • Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Purple stones are great to wear for meditation.


  • Corresponding to the third eye chakra, amethyst gemstones are a symbol of spirituality, peace and tranquility.