Figaro vs Curb Chain


Two of the most popular necklace styles are the curb and figaro link chains. The primary distinction between these two different necklace styles lies in the shape and the patterns of the links. Lets take a closer look at both necklace styles...




Italy is credited with inventing the figaro chains. This chain style features a pattern of flattened links in contrasting sizes that alternate. Typically, the design pattern is one long flattened link, followed by two or three shorter flattened links. The two or three shorter links are all the same size, giving the chain a uniform design across its length.

Curb chain necklaces are a simple and classic option. The design pattern is straightforward; it's made up of flat, closely interlocking uniform links that meet at two distinct grooves.

Furthermore, there are a variety of shapes and textures available for curb chains. The variations and finishings are as such: rounded curb, open curb, close curb, concaved curb, square curb, flat curb, diamond cut curb, pave curb and so on.


Final Thoughts: Figaro vs Curb Chain


Both curb and figaro chains are lovely necklace options. Curb chains are a classic and simple design with many variations in shapes and finishes. Whereas, figaro link chains showcase an alternating pattern with contrasting sizes, adding to their distinctiveness.