Fashion on CW's Dynasty: Season 5

The CW's Dynasty series is in its fifth season. The show follows two powerful, business families, the Carringtons and the Colbys through the ups and down of family life - from a marriage, a divorce, a coma to a kidnapping. While some people may watch the Dynasty series for the dramatic storylines and glitzy set designs, others cannot help but tune in for the characters' high fashion looks.

For Dynasty's season 5, costume designer Arin Burke and her team dress the fashion-forward rich and powerful. What is that in-between moment when billionaires are not in a boardroom and they're not in a helicopter? They're just themselves, what do they wear?

Who is the elite upper class of Atlanta, Georgia? The wardrobe choices for the Carringtons and the Colbys are very specific. They don't want to look like they're putting on airs. So it's a certain mix of elegant and haute couture and high fashion and street. The Dynasty cast looks elegant, but not out of reach. There are plates of food around at lunchtime, shearling, furs. But it's not stuffy or pretentious.

Costume designer Arin Burke and her team work tirelessly to ensure that the characters' wardrobe designs reflect who they are, we love seeing business-savvy heiress Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) wear one of her "I didn't come here to play" sexy power suits; where they come from, think Sam Flores' (Rafael de la Fuente) Miami-inspired button-down floral shirts or Blake Carrington (Grant Show) in luxury heritage brands; and what generation of wealth they belong to at every moment, like Monica Colby's (Wakeema Hollis) instagramable over-the-top style.


Dynasty Season 5: Overview

It's a Christmas wish come true! The Dynasty series is back to give you the best present of all: more Carrington tea. After Eva, Fallon's (Elizabeth Gillies) scorned and lovesick assistant, shot her, heiress Fallon Carrington lays bleeding out on the campaign gala floor with her marriage to Liam Ridley-Lowden ( Adam Huber) crumbling.

Upside - Fallon Carrington survives the coma. Downside - it's taking a long time to recover from the bullet wound and even longer for resident nice guy Liam Ridley-Lowden (Adam Huber) to forgive her.


Dynasty Tv Show

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Meanwhile, in the Georgia Senate race, where he is vying for his political life, Blake Carrington (Grant Show) gains ground as Cristal Carrington (Daniella Alonso) utilizes a little Carrington manipulation to win votes. In a fuschia Dolce & Gabbana blazer, single silk ankle pants by Dolce & Gabbana and Bonheur Jewelry's Frederica gold lariat necklace, Cristal Carrington (Daniella Alonso) isn't your typical political spouse. Even at times, manipulating her own husband for the potential win.


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In episode 1 "Let's Start Over Again", we learn prison garb is the worst. But Alexis Carrington ((Elaine Hendrix) is not one to suffer any indignities in silence, with her signature head-held-high composure intact. Alexis is serving time at Federal Correctional Facility for a murder she did not commit.

When she gets there, Alexis Carrington quickly realizes that all of her worries are nothing compared to the realities of prison life. Alexis Carrington (Elaine Hendrix) decked out in her finest prison jumpsuit & matching bright orange lace pumps by Gucci complains about the lukewarm champagne and lackluster gourmet meals specially delivered to her in jail.

Meanwhile, one of her children - Adam (Sam Underwood) - is more involved in the murder than he lets on. While her daughter Amanda Carrington (Eliza Bennett), a lawyer & veteran party girl, is on a mission to prove that Alexis is innocent of the crime she's accused of committing. Decked out in a velvet blazer by Saint Laurent, plaid mini skirt by Veronica Beard & Bonheur Jewelry's Vivienne earrings, Amanda means business. She starts her investigation by digging into the past and unearthing all of Alexis' dark secrets.

Dynasty keeps raising the bar in terms of fashion. In another scene, Amanda Carrington wears a Saint Laurent ribbed wool coat with a color block skirt from Alice+Olivia, Bonheur's Babette ring and lambskin booties by Wandler to visit her mother in "the big house". Heck, even the ladies in prison scenes are dressed to impress!

In conclusion, the fashion on Dynasty season 5's episode 1 "Let's Start Over Again" is really something to look out for. Every character has their own style and the show is very detail-oriented in terms of wardrobe, props, make-up and hair. We especially love the glamorous clothes & accessories, which make for great eye candy.

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