Emerald vs Radiant Cut


If you are looking for a new stone to add to your collection, you may have seen radiant cut and the emerald cut stones listed side-by-side in jewelry catalogs, or even read about them on blogs. Both these stones are great cuts, so why would you choose one over the other?


First, Let’s Talk Similarities...


An elongated radiant cut diamond resembles a classic emerald cut diamond in that they are both lengthy rectangular shapes with parallel sides. They both have sloping or sharply cut corners, which create less chipping and a stronger stone. They're also both fancy shapes with their own distinct faceting styles, which plays a big role in how distinctive they look.


Now, A Few Reasons They Are Different...


Emerald cut is a step-cut style, meaning the facets are arranged in a parallel pattern. They also possess a large open table so when you look straight in to these fancy shape diamonds, you can clearly see through the stone. This cut is noted for its bursts of light and dramatic elegance, although being less fiery than a brilliant diamond.

On the opposite end, radiant cut diamonds provide greater sparkle. Radiant cuts are similar in fire and brilliance to brilliant cut diamonds, but with a square or rectangular silhouette and cut corners.Their triangular facets are arranged in a brilliant cut style.


Final Thoughts


They are both great cuts, each one with their own unique personality, so if you found a stone that caught your eye it is up to you to decide which of these fancy shapes is the best fit for you.