Do Opals Break Easily?


Opals are a stone that, when cut correctly, can take on brilliant colors. When the light hits it in the correct way, they look like heavenly jewels shining with rainbow colors. However, there are ways to make opals break easily. Keep reading to find out how to avoid breaking this beautiful gemstone!

Solid Opals – The hardness of opal is comparable to that of glass (about 6.5 on the Moh's scale), so it's essential to handle your opal with care. If you're wearing opals, remove them if there's a chance they'll be damaged or scratched (i.e., while working in the garden, cleaning your home, and so on).

Many people believe that solid opals are damaged by water, but only doublets and triplets are susceptible. Solid opals are fine in water. In fact, most precious opals contain about 5-6% water. Opal is susceptible to fractures when placed in very dry conditions or subjected to rapid changes in temperature. Try to avoid very high temperatures or low humidity extremes, such as boiling water or zero humidity bank vaults.

In conclusion, opals are a delicate gemstone. You should take care when wearing them, but don't let that stop you! Just be sure to remove your opal before completing tasks that may cause damage, and you'll enjoy your precious gems for years to come.