Are You Ready for Color Therapy?


Have you ever experienced the color therapy benefits of a new outfit or lipstick? It's hard to deny that changing your wardrobe can have an instant mood-boosting effect. But what about jewelry?


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Red Color Therapy

This blog post is about the power of color and how it can change your mood. To start, let's talk about red - one of the most popular colors in jewelry.

Some might think that wearing red is just a fashion trend, but it turns out there are some serious benefits to rocking red. For starters, when you wear a pair of big red hoop earrings your brain will release more serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which all contribute to better moods.

Likewise, when you need more energy try wearing a ruby-red jewelry set. That's right, red is an energizing color that stimulates blood flow and increases breathing rate. It also gives you a sense of warmth which makes you feel more confident when wearing it, because it literally brings you to life!


Yellow Color Therapy

Yellow jewelry is great for those who need a little bit of sunshine in their lives! Color therapy tells us that yellow is the happiest color, so it's no surprise that wearing this vibrant shade can make you happy too.

But why does yellow make us happy? When we see a bright yellow color, it activates the reward centers in our brains. This is why people like to wear jewelry with yellow stones because it makes them feel happy and content when they do so.

Not only does wearing yellow jewelry improve your mood, but it can even raise your IQ level. Yep, people who wear the color yellow are known to have a higher intelligence than those who don't. In ancient China, yellow was the color of royalty and scholars because it symbolized wisdom; in India, wise Buddha is often depicted wearing a golden robe which is very similar to bright yellows.


Blue Color Therapy

We all know that blue is a calming color and can make us feel better when we are feeling stressed. But did you know there's scientific evidence to show this?

It turns out, wearing blue jewelry may actually have a noticeable effect on your mood! Blue colors increase alpha brain waves, which correlate with relaxation. It also inhibits the release of cortisol (the hormone associated with stress). Most people think of silver or gold as being the colors most likely to produce calm feelings but studies show that it could be more effective if you wear blue instead!


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Green Color Therapy

There are many benefits to wearing green jewelry. Not only does it look great on the outside, but it also has an amazing effect on the inside as well.

Green is the color of nature and harmony, many believe it is a calming color. A recent study found that wearing green clothing at work led to less stress, improved concentration and more happiness among employees. Jewelry is just as powerful! If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your job or other responsibilities, try wearing jewelry with green stones for a few days.


Purple Color Therapy

Have you ever worn purple jewelry and felt more relaxed? The color purple is known for having a soothing effect on those who wear it and those around them – relieving stress and anxiety. Who knew? Purple makes your mood lighter because the human brain has an easier time processing orange rather than violet light waves.

In ancient times, purple was a color of royalty and nobility. In modern days, it is still associated with those same qualities. It's no wonder that this regal hue makes people feel confident and powerful.


Orange Color Therapy

We are all aware of the benefits of wearing purple. But have you ever heard that orange is just as good for your brain?

Many people are unaware that orange's use as a color of spirituality and dignity for centuries. In India, it was often worn by royalty because they believed it made them appear more attractive or happy to those around them. Even today, many believe wearing orange makes the wearer more charismatic and confident when speaking with others which may explain why actors typically wear this color on stage.


Silver Color Therapy


The color of a piece of jewelry can have a significant effect on the wearer. For example, wearing red will make one more aggressive and wearing pink makes one feel calmer. But what about silver? Silver tone jewelry is often associated with being cool and calm, but does it actually do anything to your mood or brain function?

Yass, silver is a mood booster. A new study shows that wearing silver colored jewelry makes people feel happier. This is because the metal reflects and emits light, which stimulates serotonin production in the brain.


White Color Therapy

What is the color of innocence? The color of purity? White. From a young age, white's associated with these qualities and it's no coincidence that the traditional wedding dress is white. It's not just a symbol for those who have never sinned- in psychology, wearing white can actually make us feel different.

There are a lot of reasons to wear white. It's universally flattering and makes the wearer feel peaceful or more relaxed when wearing it. Try this color therapy by rocking jewelry with powerful white stones like pearls, white opals, white topaz & more.

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Gold Color Therapy

Gold is often thought of as being representative of wealth; however this isn't necessarily true because it can also represent enlightenment or happiness in some cultures- so if you're feeling down there's no better way to cheer up than by slipping on your favorite gold colored jewelry!

Studies have shown that people who wear gold tone jewelry are more content with their lives. Gold has a soothing, calming effect for the wearer and makes them feel good about themselves.


Pink Color Therapy

Pink is a beautiful color, it's one of those colors that you can't help but love. However, there are some interesting facts about the color pink and its effect on the brain. Some studies have shown that wearing this color may make people more creative in their thinking processes as well as being more effective at problem solving. So anytime you want to amp up your creative juices, it's wise to rock jewelry with pink stones.


Turquoise Color Therapy

The color turquoise is the perfect hue for a summer day. It's calming and soothing, making it a great choice for someone who just needs to take some time out of their busy life.

Turquoise is also a powerful color with many benefits. Turquoise is an earthy and grounding color, which is used to calm and soothe. It also has the power to increase creativity, self-expression and awareness of one's environment.

Along with its aesthetically pleasing qualities, the benefits of turquoise include improving brain power. Wearing this color improves memory, problem solving skills and mental clarity. This is because blue colors are known to stimulate our brains more than any other colors out there.

On a physical level, the healing properties of turquoise jewelry include improving poor circulation, regulating body temperature and blood pressure.


Lavender Color Therapy

Those who wear lavender jewelry every day have reported feeling less anxious, more grounded and more happy with their lives.

Is it true that lavender color jewelry is a mood lifter? There has been a lot of research done on the benefits of wearing lavender and many studies have shown that it does, in fact, provide a multitude of benefits to your brain. One study found that wearing lavender has an effect on decreasing the levels of cortisol- which is known as our stress hormone. Another study found that those exposed to lavender for just 30 minutes were able to improve their moods by up to 20%.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, color therapy is a time-tested way to boost both mood and energy. It is important to find a way to incorporate this powerful tool in your life every day, whether it is through the use of colorful jewelry, meditation or other healing methods.


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