There are so many different jewelry accessories out there, but which ones are essentials? Today, we're going to break down the top ten jewelry essentials every woman should own.

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Whether you're looking for traditional earrings or something more modern, statement earrings are a jewelry necessity. There are so many styles to choose from including hoops, stars, hearts and more. Paired with a bold lip, they work as an effective fashion statement in any situation. Whether it's a special occasion or just for fun, big statement earrings add style to your jewelry collection and boost your self-confidence.



A cocktail ring is a jewelry essential. It's the perfect trinket for the outgoing fashionista who loves to party, 
because it's as fun to wear as it is cool. To make your cocktail ring work, it needs to have an eye-catching,
conversational element to it. A sparkling, huge cocktail ring adds character to any outfit it is worn with and
reminds the wearer how special they are. While there are many types of rings out there, make no mistake about it
- a cocktail ring will always be special.


Charm bracelets are a jewelry essential as they are the perfect place to display your personality. You will always
have something to mention with these little accessories as they are perfect for any outfit. Also, charm bracelets
are not just useful; they add style to any outfit and make you look a whole lot cuter.

Charm bracelets are a girl's best friend and regardless of what your age is, there's always a new charm bracelet
trend on the scene which is ever so sophisticated. Sometimes beaded jewelry can look out of season, but a skinny
bracelet with a charm looks contemporary and refreshing. Our advice is to select a piece of jewelry that is both
meaningful and attractive. It's best to pick out just a few charms verses loading up on many which can quickly
make a trinket bracelet look tawdry.


A herringbone chain necklace is a jewelry essential. It will add sophistication, creativity and a touch of class to your wardrobe. When it comes to jewelry pieces, simple is better than complex. Meaning: go for something that will be easy for you to wear over and over.

The subtle sheen of a diamond-cut chain or the beauty of the intricate detail work in a herringbone necklace work
impressively well in a variety of settings. A herringbone chain necklace is super versatile and can look chic with an
off the shoulder top and jeans, funky with a vintage sequin tank dress and boots, metropolitan in a crisp white
shirt and tailored trousers. It's also one of those pieces that looks good no matter what style you are going for.


Stacked rings are a jewelry essential, as the wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs make it easy to find something that will complement your style, while also adding value to your wardrobe.

However, at the same time ring sets are easy to overdo as their visual appeal is almost guaranteed to draw the eye. While trying on more than one ring at a time is a great idea, try to pick one that will compliment the other pieces you're wearing and expresses your personality. It's also important to remember that while styling rings certain pieces can go well with some metals, others rings won't work.



Every woman should own at least one stylish lariat necklace because these gleaming chains are the perfect complement to an evening dress or a white shirt. Lariat necklaces come in all shapes and sizes from delicate silver strands that emphasize your décolletage to bold gold chokers that draw attention up towards your face. In order to wear this type of accessory effortlessly and seamlessly we recommend choosing one metal finish for both the chain as well as any other jewelry pieces that go along with it (i.e., earrings).



Stud earrings are a jewelry essential for any fashionista. Studs add a touch of grace and glamour to any outfit. You don't need to be a glamazon to rock stud earrings. Any outfit will look great with studs, whether it's a casual get-up or a luxe evening gown.



If you are a true fashionista, then ear cuff crawlers are a must have. Ear cuff earrings are great for wearing in pairs or as solo statement pieces. To make them even more special, pair your cool ear cuffs with your favorite studs for an added extra touch!



Pearl necklaces are timeless, iconic pieces that will never go out of style no matter where you live or what decade you’re living in. Pearl necklace designs look just as chic now with mini dresses and hemlines as they did decades ago with long skirts and high waists. And who doesn’t love wearing pearls?



Bangle bracelets are a jewelry essential and they never go out of style. Bangles are easily worn day or night depending on the occasion!

For women who love the look of understated jewelry but don't want something too extravagant or bulky, bangle jewelry is a good option. These iconic bracelet styles are simple to mix and match with other pieces of jewelry, making them perfect for those who want to switch up their look frequently.

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