Can You Shower With Gold Vermeil?


If you're wondering whether or not you can shower in your jewelry or if it's best to take off your jewelry before stepping into the shower, then the answer depends.

Gold-filled and gold vermeil jewelry are generally safe to wear in the shower or when swimming; however, some pieces of gold-filled or gold vermeil are susceptible to water damage. Although wearing vermeil jewelry during these activities will not immediately damage it, you should avoid prolonged exposure to water since this might cause the gold layer to fade with time. Water, cleansers and strong chemicals (such as chlorine in swimming pools) will accelerate the tarnishing process.

Don't be alarmed if your gold vermeil item gets damp! Simply dry it off as soon as possible with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to air dry. After the vermeil piece has dried thoroughly, store it in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.