Have you ever wondered what the bright shiny object in your ear lobes is telling the world about how professional you are? If you find yourself wondering if wearing hoop earrings can harm your career, here's some information on whether or not it's acceptable to wear them at work.

If your workplace is a little more relaxed and down with the times, hoop earrings are an option for you. You might find that as long as your "hoops" aren't big enough to hold a pencil through them, no one will care about what kind of earrings you wear.

On the other hand, if your workplace is in an industry that values traditional style or in a conservative setting where people have more conservative views, you might want to avoid wearing hoop earrings. Although a somewhat passé dress code policy, not everyone considers hoops appropriate attire for work.

In conclusion, whether or not it's appropriate to wear hoop earrings at work really comes down to your environment. If you want to avoid some awkward conversations with your boss, ask him or her what they consider acceptable for work attire.