70s Jewelry

Throwback Style: Drawing Jewelry Inspiration From 7os Fashion


Remember the 70s when clothing was overprinted, hair was big and jewelry took on a new look?

Well, it turns out that the 70s are back again. Not many people think of this decade when it comes to jewelry, but if you take a look back at some of its most eclectic trends you may have an entirely new outlook on 70s style and even find some unexpected inspiration for your jewelry wardrobe.

First, let's take a look at what we think were the most popular trends for this decade:



Let's start with the choker craze. Choker jewelry was huge in the 70s, with everyone from royalty to runaways sporting these tight necklace styles. In fact, wearing a choker was so popular you might have been considered a social outcast if you didn't have one on. Now, we're not just talking about a suede or velvet little ribbon around the neck. Chokers in this decade were also thick and wide and made of unusual materials like wood or outlandishly large metal.

Choker jewelry was so popular, that even men got in on the action. However, they often came in leather rather than velvet a lá Davis Bowie style.



Next, layering necklaces for women in the 70s was a great way to show their friends that they were not just any plain Jane or Jill, but that they had some serious style. To do this, women would wear several necklaces on top of each other to really make a unique statement. Long necklaces over short necklaces, with a big pendant or two thrown in for good measure. In the 70s, it was all about clanking and making noise as you moved around.



And speaking of noise, remember the charm bracelet? When it comes to 70s jewelry styles, charm bracelets for women were huge. They jangled, they clanked and women loved them. Some of the charms were hearts, others were animals and others were just interesting shapes. Charm bracelets for women in the 70s were also all about personalization. If you couldn't have a unique charm bracelet, then it wasn't worth wearing at all.



Another major 70s fashion trend was enormous earrings. Yes, in the 70s it became fashionable to wear earrings so big they would actually touch your shoulders. Thanks to disco fever, no earring styles were too big, long, asymmetrical or glittery. Everyone wanted to get noticed on the dance floor and razzle-dazzle earrings were the accessory to do just that. You could spot club-goers in everything from oversized stud earrings to large geometric styles to big, bold chandelier drops.

Next, a big trend in women's jewelry in the 70s was hoop earrings. All different sizes and colors of hoop earrings were worn by every type of woman out there from school girls to housewives to teachers and more. Everyone loved hoop earrings and everyone had a pair.

Hoops got even bigger as the 70s style progressed. At the beginning of this decade, hoop earrings were not much more than small decorations. But then they started to grow and grow until they had become big enough that you could wear them as bracelets. Even though there is no way they would stay in place as a bracelet, this design was cool and many women wore them as such.



70s jewelry trends also dictated that you had to have a ring or two on your fingers at all times. Who didn't dance the night away in a flashy cocktail ring and sequined jumpsuit during the 70s? And if you were really in the know, you'd wear several rings at once.

Rings in the 70s were created in all sorts of different designs. Everything from clover to flower petals, but they all had one thing in common: color. Rings in this decade came in every hue imaginable and with stones that ranged from diamonds to rhinestones. Big gems, little gems and every color gem in between.



And last but not least, the 70s started a major love affair with mix-and-match bracelets. What this means is that you could wear a bracelet made of all sorts of different materials and stones, but they didn't have to match anything. It was perfectly fine to wear a giant, colorful charm bracelet over a bangle set with a big gemstone. Mixing up the look was a major fashion statement and one you could make frequently, as long as you had so many arm candy options.

In conclusion, if you're looking to add a little glitz and glamour to your look, why not take a page from the 70s? You can draw inspiration from this decade without taking the look too far – just a few elements will do. Have fun with it and enjoy wearing your 70s inspired jewelry!