A diamond sparkles like no other gemstone. Its dazzling display of light and color has captivated us for centuries, but why does a diamond sparkle? 


The diamond's cut is the main factor in a diamond's brilliance. You might suppose that shine comes as standard. However, for trained gemologists, sparkle is about the interaction of light, resulting in a visually spectacular effect.

A facet is what? Well, your diamond is made up of all those little polished surfaces. And they are really significant. Not only how well-polished they are, though that is unquestionably a factor, but also how precisely aligned they are and what pattern they are cut in. All of these factors affect how gorge your diamond will be. I.e., how noticeable it will be when viewed from a distance.

A poor-cut diamond will have numerous inclusions and flaws that are visible to the naked eye. These blemishes can be seen when looking directly at the diamond or under magnification from a jeweler’s loupe. A poor-cut diamond may also appear dull and lack brilliance due to its uneven angles. A skilled cutter can reduce some of these imperfections, but only to a certain degree. 


Yes, it is possible to recut a diamond. This process requires extreme precision and skill, as the cutter must ensure that the diamond is not damaged during the cutting process. You can recut a diamond for several reasons, including improving the cut grade, fixing damage or polishing existing facets, restoring symmetry and proportionality, or simply making the diamond bigger or smaller. It's important to note that a recut is not always best since it can cause the stone to lose some of its carat weight and value; however, it can be necessary in certain cases where cutting and polishing will improve the diamond's appearance.



So there you have it. That's the science behind why a diamond sparkle. To sum it up, it's because of the facets and the perfection with which they are cut. The more perfect these facets are, the bigger and brighter your diamond will sparkle. So next time you're looking at diamonds, don't be afraid to check out their brilliance and sparkle – not just their carat weight or color. After all, that's what makes a diamond unique and beautiful!