Have you ever been in the mood for a shower, only to remember that you're wearing your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry? You may have wondered if it's safe to bring these items of bling with you into the water. After all, gold and silver don't exactly scream "waterproof!" Well, let's take a look and see if you can shower with sterling silver gold-plated jewelry. 

Steer Clear of a Costly Mistake: Uncover Why You Should Never Shower with 

Sterling Silver Gold-Plated Jewelry

  • It is strongly recommended to keep away from direct contact with soap and shampoo. The harsh chemical components in these showering products can cause irreversible damage to your gold-plated sterling silver, leaving residues lodged in tiny cracks that are impossible to clean adequately at home. These cleaning substances will wear away at the sterling silver's radiance until it appears dull or "matte."

  • Protecting your gold-plated sterling silver should be of utmost importance, and that means taking it off before you hop in the shower. Soap and shampoo residue can get caught in tiny crevices (such as prongs or jump rings), which could trigger a nasty allergic reaction or skin infection - so don't forget to remove your jewelry prior to entering the bathing area!

  • Gemstones are incredibly resilient, but it's still best not to wear them while in the shower, as soaps and oils can leave a residue on their surface. Professional cleanings should be done periodically to ensure that all of your gemstone jewelry continues glimmering for many years to come. Although this adds an extra step into the process of caring for your jewelry, taking these additional steps will prevent any damage from occurring (especially if you're someone who showers with your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry on).
clear   HOT WATER
  • Keep your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry shining brilliantly by occasionally cleaning your pieces with warm water and a few tablespoons of mild dish soap. Although short, one-time contact with hot water will not create excessive damage, prolonged exposure (such as from a hot shower) can cause your pieces to lose their vibrancy and sparkle over time.

  • Exposing your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry to steam and hot water can cause irreversible damage, including corrosion, warping, or scratching. To protect your valuable pieces from harm, avoid showering with them at all costs!
clear   STEAM
  • When steam comes in contact with your gold-plated sterling silver jewelry, it can cause tarnishing or discoloration due to oxidation. Steam does not always have a negative impact on silver items, but if there is too much moisture in the air, it can cause tarnishing to occur faster than normal. This often happens when people cook with steaming pots and pans, use humidifiers, or take hot showers while wearing gold-plated sterling silver jewelry. The steam's combination with oxygen triggers a chemical reaction that oxidizes and darkens the metal surface of your item.

  • Silver is a susceptible metal that can be easily distorted by heat or pressure. When exposed to steam, the temperature causes its surface molecules to expand while the weight of steam compresses them—ultimately resulting in warping, bending, and even breaking.

  • Be mindful of the steam rising from your shower, as it can diminish the setting that holds your gold-plated sterling silver jewelry's stones in place. Steam softens silver and will make gemstones less secure in their settings, making them vulnerable to falling onto a hard surface or, worse - down the drain, where they are lost forever! If you have luck on your side and only suffer minor cracks to one of these precious stones, then don't despair - it can be mended by having it recut.
  • To maintain the glitter and beauty of your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry, always remember to fully dry your pieces after you shower or swim. Any remaining moisture can cause corrosion that will produce a yellowish, brownish, or black hue on your pieces. If you want them to look their best when you wear them again - make sure all water is gone before storing them!
clear   WEAR + TEAR
  • It is not advisable to wear sterling silver gold-plated jewelry when showering as the slippery environment can cause your pieces to be jostled against hard surfaces. While you may not notice in the moment, these tiny scratches and dents on your pieces of jewelry could accumulate over time, leading to costly repairs or replacements.


To keep your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry shining brightly for years to come, be sure to have professional cleanings done regularly. You should also avoid showering with these pieces or exposing them to hot water and steam, as this can harm both their appearance and life expectancy. And as a final rule, always remember to dry your jewelry fully before putting it away - moisture will cause corrosion and discoloration if left unchecked. Thanks for reading!