Face Shape

Unlock the secrets of choosing jewelry that's a match made in heaven for your face shape! Get ready to amp up your natural beauty with our ultimate guide to selecting the most flattering bling. No matter if your face is heart-shaped, square, or somewhere in between, we've got the scoop on how to rock jewelry that accentuates your features and gives you that picture-perfect balance you're after.

Earrings? Necklaces? Bracelets? We've got you covered on all fronts with our treasure trove of expert tips. Get ready to discover those dazzling pieces that'll play up your unique facial structure like a total pro.

The Best Jewelry for Oval Faces:

The oval face shape is defined by its gentle curves, symmetrical proportions, and balanced features. The oval face shape features an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrows and from the eyebrows to the chin and is often considered the "ideal" face shape. Thus, oval faces have the advantage of being able to pull off a wide range of jewelry styles and necklines with ease.

However, it's important to maintain balanced proportions when wearing jewelry. Overly long drop earrings, for example, can elongate any face shape, including the "perfect" oval. Instead, to highlight an oval face's natural symmetry and curves, it's best to opt for smaller drop earrings that hit just below the earlobe, avoiding earring lengths that hang down to the collarbone.

In addition to earring style, there are a few necklace styles that are particularly fabulous for oval faces. Necklaces with oval or teardrop pendants echo the beautiful shape of this face shape and help to create a sense of harmony. While geometric pendants, such as square or rectangular pendants, provide a touch of unexpected contrast when compared to the soft curves of an oval face.

Some notable celebrities with oval face shapes include Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Charlize Theron.  

The Best Jewelry for Round-Shaped Faces

When it comes to selecting jewelry for a round face shape, the goal is to create the illusion of elongation and a more slender appearance. Considering the shape of the jewelry becomes crucial in achieving this. 

Long, vertical earrings that draw attention to a strong vertical line are a great choice for round-face shapes. They help create the illusion of added length. It's best to avoid round-shaped earrings or styles featuring circles, as they can further emphasize the roundness of the face.

Round faces are best complemented by necklaces that help to elongate the face and create a more balanced appearance. Here are a few necklace styles that are particularly flattering for round faces: 

  • V-shaped: Opt for longer, looping necklaces that can be highly flattering as they create a triangular "V" shape, accentuating the length of the face and neck.
  • Long necklaces: Long necklaces, such as opera length or strand necklaces, help create an elongated look, adding vertical lines that visually lengthen the face.
  • Drop necklaces: Drop necklaces with a long pendant drop help to elongate the face and create a more slender look.
  • Geometric necklaces: Geometric necklaces featuring angular shapes can help balance the roundness of the face. The clean lines and defined angles add structure and create a sense of symmetry.
  • Statement necklaces: Opting for statement necklaces with a large focal point can divert attention away from the roundness of the face. These eye-catching pieces draw the gaze to the necklace, creating a focal point and balancing the overall look.

To flatter a round face shape, it's crucial to avoid necklaces that are too short or tight, as they can create the illusion of a wider face. Instead, opt for necklaces proportional to your face's size. For instance, if you have a petite frame and a round face, choosing a delicate necklace will complement your features. On the other hand, if you have a taller stature and a round face, a larger necklace can make a stylish statement.

Notable celebrities with round face shapes include Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, and Miranda Kerr.

The Best Jewelry for Oblong Face Shapes:

For an oblong or rectangular face shape, the goal is to reduce the appearance of length and add width to the features when selecting jewelry. Short necklaces such as chokers or collar pieces are perfect choices as they visually break up the length of the face and create a balanced look.

When it comes to earrings, focus on creating width rather than length. Opt for big, bold, and dramatic wide earrings, such as large chunky hoop earrings, as they draw attention to the sides of the face and add a sense of balance. Studs, haloes, teardrops, and earrings with rounded accents are also excellent options as they soften this face shape's sharp features.

Notable celebrities with oblong face shapes, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Gisele Bundchen, and Hilary Swank, serve as great inspirations for jewelry styles that enhance this particular face shape.

The Best Jewelry for Square-Shaped Faces:

Square faces are defined by their strong, angular jawlines and a face width that matches the distance from the top of the face to the chin. Incorporating jewelry with soft angles is essential to soften the angular features of a square face shape and create a more elongated look.

The shape of jewelry that complements square face shapes is quite specific. Long, curved necklaces that create a "U" shape are particularly ideal for individuals with square faces. These necklaces add a sense of length to the face, helping to counterbalance the strong angular features and create a more elongated appearance.

To elongate the face and draw attention away from the jawline, oval hoops, long drop earrings, and narrow chandelier earrings are excellent options. These earring styles create strong vertical lines and add a touch of elegance to the overall look. In contrast to this, it's best to avoid short, button, and wide earring styles, as they can make the face appear wider and disrupt the balance.

Notable celebrities with square face shapes, such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, and Sandra Bullock, serve as inspirations for jewelry styles that complement this specific face shape.

The Best Jewelry for Pear-Shaped Faces:

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, and Lucy Hale are renowned for their beautiful pear-shaped face structures. The pear face shape is characterized by a narrower forehead and wider jawline, resembling the shape of a pear.

When selecting jewelry for this face shape, it's important to create balance and add width to the upper half of the face.

Pear-shaped faces are best complemented by necklaces that help to balance the wide jawline and create the illusion of a longer face. Here are a few necklace styles that are particularly flattering for pear faces:

  • Long necklaces, such as opera-length or strand necklaces, aid in elongating the face and creating a more balanced appearance.
  • Short, v-shaped necklaces with a pendant are ideal, as they draw attention upward and create the illusion of a longer face while also flattering the jawline.
  • Drop necklaces with a long, pendant drop aid to elongate the face and create a more slender appearance.
  • Select pendants that accentuate the cheekbones. There are several pendant styles that work particularly well for pear faces, including heart-shaped pendants, marquise pendants, and pear-shaped pendants. These pendant shapes draw attention upward and highlight the cheekbones, creating a flattering and balanced look for individuals with pear-shaped faces.
  • Necklaces with multiple chains. The layered effect of multiple chains helps to visually expand the upper portion of the face, bringing attention away from the wider jawline and creating a more harmonious appearance.

When considering earrings and jewelry shapes for pear-shaped faces, it's important to remember that opposites attract. Heart-shaped earrings can be a fantastic choice as they create a visually appealing contrast. The narrowest part of the earring falls next to the wide jawline, adding width to the upper half of the face and balancing out the overall appearance.

For a more subtle and understated look, small button studs can work well with pear-shaped faces. These earrings have rounded edges that complement the curves of the face, creating a softening effect. However, it's advisable to avoid large circular earrings, hoops, and button studs as they can accentuate the roundness of the face.

Another stunning option for pear-shaped faces is chandelier-style earrings. These earrings are top-heavy, drawing attention upward and balancing out the wider jawline. Chandelier earrings can create an elegant and eye-catching effect, adding sophistication and enhancing the overall appearance of a pear-shaped face.

The Best Jewelry for Diamond Face Shapes: 

The diamond face shape is known for its balanced, angular, and dramatic appearance. The widest part of the face is often the cheekbones, while the forehead and jawline are equally narrow, creating a unique and captivating overall look.

To enhance the natural beauty of diamond-shaped faces and create a more elongated appearance, matinee, and princess-length necklaces are excellent choices. These necklace styles add length to the neck and create a vertical line, helping to balance out the prominent cheekbones. Incorporating a striking pendant can further add visual interest and harmony to the overall look.

For earrings, hoop earrings and longer earrings with curved shapes are particularly flattering for diamond-shaped faces. The curves of these jewelry styles help soften the angularity of the face, creating a more balanced and proportionate appearance. When it comes to gemstone cuts, cushion cuts, oval cuts, and round-cut stones are recommended for this face shape. These gemstone cuts can add width to a pointy jawline, especially when combined with teardrop, pear-shaped, or triangle drop earring styles.

The Best Jewelry for Heart-Shaped Faces: 

For individuals with heart-shaped faces, characterized by a wider forehead and cheekbones that narrow down to a pointed chin, jewelry choices should aim to balance out the facial features. Adding width and volume to the lower half of the face can create a more harmonious look.

Choker necklaces and shorter statement necklaces that sit above the collarbone are ideal for heart-shaped faces as they draw attention upward to the face and add width to the upper half. Princess-length necklaces can also work well, creating a vertical line that elongates the face and creates balance.

To complement a heart-shaped face, it's important to choose earrings that create balance and harmony. Avoiding styles that mimic the shape of the face, such as teardrop or triangle earrings, can help prevent emphasizing the pointed chin. Instead, opt for earrings with curves or round shapes to balance out this face shape.

With their circular design, hoop earrings can soften the angles of a heart-shaped face and add a touch of elegance. Oval-shaped studs provide a subtle and sophisticated look, while cluster earrings featuring rounded accents can enhance the overall balance of the face. All of these earring styles help to create a more harmonious and flattering appearance.

Notable celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, and Scarlett Johansson.


In conclusion, finding the right jewelry to complement your face shape can make a significant difference in your overall look. By understanding the characteristics of your face shape and considering the appropriate jewelry styles, you can enhance your natural features and create a harmonious balance.

So, remember to have fun, and embrace your individuality and personal style while experimenting with different jewelry pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful.