One of the best ways to accessorize your outfit is by choosing the right necklace to complement your neckline. It can be a delicate chain with a pendant, a statement piece, or something in between. But how do you know which necklace works best with each neckline? We’ve got you covered with this quick and easy guide on how to pair necklaces with necklines.



A v-neck dress narrows and elongates, and so should the necklace you pair it with. Ideally, look for a necklace style that follows the natural v-shape of a v-neck, such as a y lariat.

V-neck dresses naturally create a focal point around the cleavage area, so your necklace length should do the same. Look for a necklace length proportional to your neckline, as a v-neck does not look good paired with a necklace longer than where the V-shape hits. This is because a necklace that is too long will make your torso look shorter.

Also, the wider your v-shape, the bigger the pendant you can wear without your look appearing disproportionate. Avoid any other necklaces that don't follow the v-shape and make your ensemble seem out of balance (For example, bib necklaces, asymmetric necklaces, and round shapes).


If you have a round neckline, such as a crew neck or scoop neck, make sure your necklace is also round. V-shaped necklaces and those with pointed pendants are the worst choices for this neckline, as they can disorient the eyes instead of creating a focal point.


A crew neck shortens the neck and gives the illusion of a fuller chest. This neckline looks great with short necklace lengths, such as a choker or collar style. You can also use a short necklace style to create a collar on a crew neck. Riviere-style necklaces make for excellent shimmering collars.



A scoop neckline highlights the collarbone area. If you want your collarbone to appear more defined, opt for a short, round necklace.

Longer necklaces also look great with this neckline style. However, if you have a low scoop neck, your necklace should not fall below where the neckline hits.  


A halter neckline wraps around the back of your neck, secured by ties, so it emphasizes your shoulders and collarbone. To avoid disrupting the natural shape of a halter, choose a necklace that hangs down in the front. A v-shaped necklace or a Y-shaped necklace is an excellent option because it mirrors the shape of the neckline.


If you're wearing a turtleneck, choose a rope-style necklace that falls many inches below the collarbone and will draw the eye downward and away from the neckline to avoid looking too cluttered. This neckline usually pairs perfectly with layered necklaces and long pendant necklace styles.


A sweetheart neckline is a romantic style that outlines the bust and curves inwards towards the neck. When choosing a necklace for this romantic neckline, select one that highlights and complements these curves. The classic choice is a drop necklace or pendant. Pendants follow the natural shape of the neckline and add a touch of elegance.

Avoid angular or geometric shapes that will create a harsh contrast when paired with a sweetheart neckline. Sharp angular edges disorient the eyes, so opt for round or soft shapes instead.

Additionally, look for a mid-length necklace that will lead the eye right to the heart of your sweetheart neckline. This necklace's length is great because it draws attention to that focal point.


A square neckline contrasts with the body's natural curves and creates a more angular look, so a square neckline necklace should also have angular edges to build cohesiveness.

Ideally, your necklace choice should have square or rectangular pendants because they echo the shape of a square neckline. Avoid any necklace lengths that fall past the neckline point, as this can make you appear shorter.


If you're looking for the perfect necklace to wear with your off-the-shoulder dress, look no further than a choker! Chokers are the perfect length to show off your neckline and come in various styles to suit any ensemble.

A long necklace with a pendant that hangs down to the middle of your chest also works well and will create a beautiful focal point. You can also choose a necklace with lots of layers and textures to add visual interest.

If you want to wear a necklace with a one-shoulder neckline, make sure it is collar or princess length. Otherwise, you risk creating two focal points (the necklace and the shoulders) that compete for attention.


The ideal necklace length for a boat neck is a choker or 14" necklace. This necklace length is perfect for highlighting the neckline without overwhelming it. For a more dramatic look, try a longer 16" choker necklace.


A cowl neck is a soft, draped neckline style found on both dresses and blouses. The key is to choose a necklace length that hangs above the cowl neckline rather than directly on top of it. If the necklace length hangs on top of a cowl neckline, it will be unflattering, as it will only add bulk to your look and make you appear larger.

A short, simple pendant will look clean and neat. But if your cowl neck is large or high, you might want to opt for earrings instead of a necklace. If this neckline is soft and subtle, it is best to opt for a simple 17-19" princess-length necklace.


If you're wearing a collared shirt, the necklace you choose should not compete with the collared collar. Instead, a simple chain or pendant is usually the best option. You can also layer a few delicate necklaces to create a more exciting look. Nothing too flashy or over-the-top, though – you don't want to upstage your shirt's collar.

You can even get away with a statement necklace if it fits within the opening of the collar or sticks out from beneath the collar. We recommend avoiding any necklace that falls right on top of the collar, as this can look bulky and unflattering.


We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to pair necklaces with necklines! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail us. And don't forget to check out our necklace collection for some stylish options to try out. Thanks for reading!