If you're looking for a way to make your shower routine a little more blingy, then you might be wondering, can I wear gold-plated jewelry in the shower? Let's find out!

Avoid an Expensive Error: Discover Why You Should Never Shower in Gold-Plated Jewelry 

  • For the sake of your gold-plated jewelry, avoid direct contact with soaps and shampoos. The harsh chemicals in these showering products can cause irrevocable harm to your prized pieces, leaving soapy residues lodged in tiny crevices that are difficult to remove with DIY methods. As a result, these residues will gradually strip away at your gold-plated jewelry's shine until its radiance appears dull or "matte."

  • Ensuring the safety of your gold-plated jewelry should be a priority, meaning it's best to take off your bling before showering. Soap residue and shampoo can easily lodge into small spaces (like prongs or jump rings), which can cause skin irritation and even infection - so always remember to remove any jewelry pieces prior to entering the shower!

  • Gemstones are incredibly durable, yet to ensure their longevity, it's best not to wear them while in the shower. Detergents and lubricants can leave a residue on their surface, resulting in a diminished shine. It is important to schedule regular professional cleanings to ensure that your gemstone jewelry maintains its brilliance for many years to come. This extra step may seem like an inconvenience; however, taking the necessary precautions will prevent any potential damage from occurring (especially if you're one of those people who likes to shower in their gold-plated jewelry ).
clear   HOT WATER
  • Make sure your gold-plated jewelry continues to sparkle its best by occasionally cleaning it with warm water and a few tablespoons of mild dish soap. While short contact with hot water will not usually cause any damage, be conscious that prolonged exposure (i.e., long showers) can erode away the brilliance and luster of your pieces over time.

  • When you expose your gold-plated jewelry to harsh elements such as steam and hot water, this can cause irreversible damage, including corrosion, warping, or scratching. To keep your precious jewelry in pristine condition, refrain from wearing them while showering at all costs!
clear   STEAM
  • Beware of steam when wearing your gold-plated jewelry, as it can speed up oxidation and tarnish its color. Steam does not always have a negative impact on gold items, but if there is too much moisture in the air, it can cause tarnishing to occur faster than normal. This often happens when people cook with steaming pots and pans, use humidifiers, or take hot showers while wearing gold-plated jewelry. When steam is mixed with oxygen, it sets off a chemical response that causes oxidation and darkens the metal surface of your item.

  • Gold can be quickly softened and distorted with exposure to extreme temperatures or pressure. When exposed to steam, the heat causes its surface molecules to increase in size while the weight of steam simultaneously compresses them — ultimately leading to twisting, bending, and even possible breakage.

  • When you're showering, be aware of the steam rising from your hot shower. This can weaken the settings that hold your gold-plated jewelry's stones in place, as hard metal is stronger, and make them susceptible to falling onto a hard surface or even down the drain. If misfortune has struck and only caused minor chips on one of your precious gems, don't lose heart - you can always have a stone recut to restore its shape!
  • To keep your gold-plated jewelry glamorous and dazzling, make sure to dry each piece thoroughly after you take a shower. If moisture is allowed to remain on the pieces, corrosion can set in, leading your pieces to turn yellowish, brownish, or even black. To ensure that your jewelry looks its best the next time you put it on - always remember to remove all wetness from your jewelry before storing it away!
clear   WEAR + TEAR
  • When showering, it's best to avoid wearing gold-plated jewelry, as even the slightest jostling against hard surfaces can lead to scratches and dents. Although you may not notice minor scratches in the moment, these small imperfections can quickly add up over time causing pricey repairs or replacements of your pieces.


The verdict is in - it's best to avoid wearing your sterling silver gold-plated jewelry when showering. While occasional contact with hot water and steam may cause minimal damage, frequent exposure can create irreversible tarnishing and warping of your beloved pieces. To ensure they glimmer for many years to come, keep them away from showers, pools, and other humid environments. With the right care, you can keep your jewelry looking as good as new in no time!