A modified brilliant diamond is a truly one-of-a-kind gemstone. It's not your everyday traditional round diamond but rather an unconventional and unique take on this classic gem. Not only is it visually striking, but its upped brilliance factor compared to its traditional diamond counterpart makes it truly stand out.

Let's take a closer look at the modified brilliant diamond and explore what makes it such an extraordinary gem. 


Simply said, a modified brilliant cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond whose standard round shape has been modified. Modified brilliants are the most common type of fancy-cut diamond in terms of shape. This is due to the variety of ways a diamond cutter can shape round-cut diamonds.



  1. Modified brilliant-cut diamonds are known by a variety of names. Some of the most popular fancy-cut shapes go by several names. It's common to refer to a marquise cut diamond as a navette, which is French for "little boat." Pear-shaped diamonds may also be called "drop cuts" due to their teardrop shape. It is essential to understand that a single diamond cut may go by several names. This will prevent you from getting up-sold to a navette cut that is identical to the marquise you just saw.


2. Modified brilliant cuts should glitter as brightly as diamonds with a round cut. The number and arrangement of facets in modified brilliant cut diamonds should match those in round brilliants. Because they combine a more unusual shape with the greater sparkle of a round diamond, modified brilliant cuts have become a very popular choice for diamonds.

3. The number of modified brilliant shapes available keeps growing. You will probably only have access to the more popular pear, marquise, and oval forms if you desire a hand-cut modified brilliant diamond. However, as laser diamond cutting technology has developed, your options for altered brilliant shapes have almost endless possibilities. Among the many innovative and intriguing shapes available right now are butterflies, stars, and even horses.

4. Be cautious with these diamond cuts. This is especially true for the previously mentioned marquise cuts and pear-shaped diamonds. Any loose modified brilliant diamond with "sharp points," such as the ends of a marquise cut, is more prone to accidentally breaking. So, if you buy a modified brilliant cut, you must ensure that your diamond is well-protected (such as opting for a bezel setting).

5. Know what a “square modified brilliant” is. Customers looking to purchase modified brilliant cut diamonds frequently struggle with this. Princess cut diamonds are sometimes specifically labeled as "square modified brilliants" by some diamond vendors. This is somewhat accurate because princess cuts have a square shape and the multifaceted dazzle of brilliant cuts, but they are actually a type of mixed cut. The term "square modified brilliant" can also refer to some cushion cuts, radiant cuts, and other diamond shapes.


If you are looking for a fancy-cut diamond that sparkles like the traditional round brilliant but with its own unique shape, then a modified brilliant might be perfect for you. With its diverse shape and superior sparkle, a modified brilliant-cut diamond is sure to make any piece of jewelry stand out. Happy shopping!