Gold vermeil jewelry is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. But if you want to keep your pieces looking their best, there are some steps you need to take when it comes to cleaning. To help maintain the brilliant shine, here are our top tips for how to clean gold vermeil jewelry.



Nothing is more sad than dull, unloved jewelry. If your gold jewelry has lost its sparkle, don't fret! You can clean it at home with just a handful of ingredients you already have in your kitchen. In only a few steps, you'll have dazzlingly clean jewelry that will make you fall in love all over again.


  • All-natural liquid soap
  • Warm Water
  • Small bowl
  • Clean, microfiber cloth
  • Cotton ball
  • Cotton swab

Cleaning Instructions:

  • If your vermeil jewelry pieces have any visible dirt or feel sticky, it is best to clean them using a solution of warm water and all-natural dishwashing detergent. In a small bowl, combine one cup of warm water with just a few drops of the detergent.

  • Always avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals when cleaning your jewelry, as they will break down the gold finish.

Soak the Jewelry:

  • Soak your jewelry in soapy water for 10 minutes (unless the pieces contain gems, pearls, or enamel). To avoid scratches, don't clean your entire collection at once; instead, clean each piece one at a time, so the pieces do not rub up against each other harshly.

Tackle Embedded Dirt:

  • Use a cotton swab to remove any surface dirt from small, hard-to-reach crevices (great for intricately carved pieces).

  • You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush (no sharp items like a knife or paper clip) to gently scrub away the gunk. Beware, you can easily scratch the gold layer using a sharp object.

Rinse, Dry & Buff

  • Gently rinse your vermeil jewelry under warm running water. Use a clean, soft cloth to pat it dry.

Wipe Down After Each Wear

  • To keep your vermeil jewelry clean and sparkling, wipe it down with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth after each use. Let the jewelry air-dry thoroughly before storing it away.


We do not recommend polishing vermeil jewelry too often, as it can damage the layer of gold and cause it to wear away more quickly.

If you must polish gold-plated jewelry, use a lint-free cloth dampened with a gentle, all-natural polishing liquid. Then, apply the agent to the jewelry cloth, not directly to the jewelry, and rub it gently in a circular motion. To finish, rinse your jewelry with lukewarm water and then dry it off with a soft towel.

Unlike solid gold, a layer of gold rubs off every time you buff vermeil jewelry. If you buff your gold-plated jewelry too much, it will become thin, and frail and might even change shape. To avoid this problem altogether, only buff your jewelry gently and as little as possible.


Not sure if you should clean or get your jewelry replated? Take it to a professional jeweler, to be certain. There are many reasons why someone might need their vermeil jewelry replated, which are listed below:

-There are spots where the gold coat is wearing thin or has already flaked off.

-The jewelry appears discolored or dull.

-The jewelry is visibly damaged.

-The jewelry is starting to show signs of tarnishing.

-It has not been replated in 12 to 18 months.

Replating will help restore the jewelry's original luster and protect it from further wear and tear. However, if you can't tell if your jewelry needs a replating, take it to a professional jeweler for help. The jeweler will be able to tell you for sure and recommend the best course of action. 


Taking preventative measures is the best way to help your vermeil jewelry retain its radiance and luster for as long as possible.

  • Before you touch vermeil jewelry, ensure that your hands are clean and free of any oils, lotions, makeup, or perfumes. This is important because these products can cause your gold to tarnish more quickly.

  • Before diving into a chlorinated pool or the ocean, remember to remove your vermeil jewelry. The chemicals and salt in these waters will cause them to tarnish over time.

  • Don't wear vermeil jewelry while working out or when you're sweating because body oils contain high salt levels. If you do, the metals you are wearing will corrode over time.

  • Store your vermeil pieces in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or artificial light. It would be best to keep each piece of jewelry in a separate compartment in a jewelry box lined with soft fabric to prevent scratches.

  • Don't store your gold and silver jewelry together since these metals can make each other tarnish faster.

  • Storing your jewelry in an airtight container is also an excellent way to protect it from tarnishing. Sulfur in the air causes gold to tarnish, so keeping your jewelry collections in an airtight environment away from this and other elements is crucial. You can find these types of containers at most craft stores.

  • Along with preventing moisture, silica gel packets also help to keep your jewelry from tarnishing. To achieve this, place one packet in the container along with your jewelry.

  • To avoid damage to your vermeil jewelry, take it off when cooking with acidic ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar.

  • If you're cleaning with harsh chemicals, remove your vermeil jewelry first. The harsh chemicals can strip away the gold plating on the vermeil, exposing the base metal. Some of the worst chemicals found in cleaning solutions are ammonia, chlorine, bleach, etc.

  • We do not recommend an ultrasonic machine for cleaning vermeil jewelry. The ultrasonic waves from an ultrasonic cleaner can cause the gold plating to vibrate, which loosens the bond between the gold and base metal. Furthermore, the cleaning solution used in an ultrasonic cleaner can strip gold plating. Lastly, an ultrasonic cleaner can loosen stones, causing them to fall out of their settings. They can even become damaged when cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, especially porous stones such as lapis or turquoise.

  • You should not use a professional steamer on vermeil jewelry as the steam can cause rusting.


Gold vermeil jewelry is a luxurious and timeless addition to any outfit. With proper cleaning procedures and the occasional polishing, you can keep your pieces looking brilliant for years to come. So get out your toothbrush or polishing cloth and give those beautiful pieces some extra love! Your gold vermeil pieces will thank you.