It's a common question: Can you wear gold-vermeil jewelry in the shower? It's an important one too, as precious metals are expensive and need to be taken care of properly. Let's take a look at gold vermeil and find out if it's shower time or no-go time. 

Uncover The Reasons You Should Never Shower in Gold-Vermeil Jewelry And Avoid Costly Errors!

  • To ensure your gold-vermeil jewelry remains in pristine condition, avoid contact with soaps and shampoos. The harsh chemicals in these showering products can cause irrevocable harm to your prized pieces, leaving soapy residues lodged in tiny crevices that are difficult to remove with DIY methods. Consequently, these soapy deposits will slowly rob your gold-vermeil jewelry of its shine until it lacks its characteristic sparkle or appears "matte."

  • Protecting your gold-vermeil jewelry should be a top priority, meaning it's best to remove your jewelry before you get into the shower. Soap residue and shampoo can accumulate in tight spaces (such as prongs or jump rings), which can cause irritation and infection - so make sure to take off any pieces of jewelry before slipping into the shower!

  • Gemstones are incredibly resilient, but to ensure that they last a lifetime, it's best not to wear them while taking showers. Detergents and lubricants can leave a residue on their surface, resulting in a diminished shine. It is important to schedule regular professional cleanings to ensure that your gemstone jewelry maintains its brilliance for many years to come. Although it may be a bit of an inconvenience, taking the necessary precautions will help protect your jewelry from any potential harm (especially if you're one of those people who love showering with their gold-vermeil jewelry).
clear   HOT WATER
  • To keep your gold-vermeil jewelry looking its best, take the time to clean it regularly. A warm water and mild dish soap mix are all you need for a quick shine that will last! Although brief exposure to hot water should not harm your jewelry, it is essential to be aware that long showers can erode away their gleam and luster over time.

  • Should you allow your gold-vermeil jewelry to come into contact with abrasive environments like steam and hot water, it could cause irreparable damage, such as corrosion, deformity, or deep scratches. To keep your precious jewelry in pristine condition, refrain from wearing them while showering at all costs!
clear   STEAM
  • Exercise caution when wearing your gold-vermeil jewelry around steam, as it can accelerate the oxidation process and cause discoloration. Although not always detrimental to gold items, an abundance of moisture in the air hastens the tarnishing process beyond what is a normal rate. This frequently happens while cooking with steaming pans or pots, using humidifiers at home, or taking hot showers while wearing your gold-vermeil jewelry. Once oxygen is mixed with steam molecules, a chemical reaction occurs that oxidizes the gold surface creating dark spots on your pieces.

  • Gold is a malleable metal and can be quickly altered by extreme temperatures or pressure. If exposed to steam, the heat causes the gold molecules to expand while being compressed by the weight of the steam- resulting in twisting, bending, and potential breakage.

  • When you're showering, pay attention to the steam that rises from your hot shower - it can loosen settings on your gold-vermeil jewelry and even cause stones to fall off onto hard surfaces or down the drain. If this has resulted in some minor chips, don't fret! You can always have your precious gemstones recut back into their original shape.
  • To ensure your gold-vermeil jewelry sparkles and shines, remember to thoroughly dry each piece after you shower. If any moisture remains on the pieces, corrosion will begin to form, causing them to turn yellowish, brownish, or even black over time. To make sure that your accessories look magnificent the next time you decide to wear them - always take extra care in making sure all traces of wetness are completely removed before storing your pieces away!
clear   WEAR + TEAR
  • Taking a shower with gold-vermeil jewelry can be damaging as it is a slippery environment, and accidental contact against hard surfaces will lead to scratches and dents. While you may not recognize these minor scrapes at the moment, these minuscule marks build up over time which could require pricey repairs or the replacement of your pieces. To avoid this costly problem, it is always best to take off any jewelry before you step into the shower!


In conclusion, it is never a good idea to wear gold-vermeil jewelry when showering. Prolonged exposure to hot water, steam, and humidity can cause irreversible damage, such as corrosion, warping, or scratching. Therefore, it is best to take off all gold-vermeil jewelry before showering and to always remember to dry each piece thoroughly after you're done. By doing so, you can ensure that your gold-vermeil jewelry continues to sparkle and lasts a lifetime!