THE WEDDING YEAR X Bonheur Jewelry

The Wedding Year is a movie for everyone. Whether you're searching for a fun and light-hearted film to watch with your friends or are in the mood for a romantic comedy, this movie will definitely deliver. With an all-star cast, gorgeous costume design, and beautiful jewelry from Bonheur, The Wedding Year is sure to be a hit!

From Director Robert Luketic of Legally Blonde comes The Wedding Year. The charming leading ladies are Sarah Hyland, Jenna Dewan, Anna Camp, and Wanda Sykes. The free-spirited Mara and her beau Jake's new relationship is put to the test when they are asked to attend seven weddings in one year. Mara must decide whether to follow her heart and let Jake leave or whether to totally devote herself to him.

Mara, played by Sarah Hyland, is known for her eclectic and free-spirited Los Angeles style. The outfits, which range from beige pants with a 70s vibe to bohemian maxi skirts, are completely fashionable and undoubtedly attract attention. To complete the look and keep it looking casually luxe, Bonheur Jewelry's handcrafted pieces were the perfect complement.

Mara is a pot-addicted, aspiring photographer who adores mixing prints and vibrant pieces. Throughout the movie, she wears Bonheur hoop earrings, which portray her wild, carefree nature. A true Boho queen, Mara loves to take risks in her style, and we loved seeing her in our jewelry!

Hopping from wedding to wedding, Mara is always the life of the party and brings her own unique flair to each event. She knows how to stand out without being over-the-top (sometimes), which is a tricky balance to achieve. We think she did a fantastic job!

Mara's sister Jessica (played by Jenna Dewan) is the epitome of a carefree bride who wants to get through her own wedding day without any drama. Her style is more about comfort than fashion, but that doesn't mean she can't look great! Megan chose a few delicate pieces from Bonheur Jewelry to accessorize Jessica's look, including our "Ani" earrings for her big day. 

Ellie, played by Anna Camp, is Sarah Hyland's more conservative employer and dutiful pal. Anna Camp's character is known for her classic style and straightforward attitude. Ellie's no-nonsense demeanor is evident in her bold jewelry choices, including our Noreis necklace, which she wears on her big day. Ellie pairs it well with our sleek Anais earrings, perfect for a bride who wants just a touch of glamour on her wedding day.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the fashion of The Wedding Year! Be sure to check out the movie, and keep an eye out for our jewelry. Until then, happy shopping!