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Is It OK to Wear Jewelry While You Work Out? 

Ok, so you're a gymshark and a jewelry lover? So, what now?

Although many women would never be caught dead proudly displaying their jewelry while feeling the burn & sweating it out on the elliptical, others prefer to feel fab with add a touch of glam. They don't see the harm in adding dimension to their cute workout gear with a few strategically placed accessories.

So, what’s the right answer? Is it ok to wear jewelry at the workout studio or is it a fashion oops?  Well, the answer's complicated...


Imagine, you are in the middle of a ten minute arm workout & feeling the burn, only to have your ring painfully dig into your finger. This is more than just a fashion oops. When engaged in your routine ten minute arm workout, remember that standard exercise equipment like weights, pull-up bars and handles can cause your ring to become scratched, weathered or damaged. Imagine, you've finished your spinning class or rowing session to discover you’ve scuffed your new gold ring that you’ve only owned for a few months. It is not wise to wear an expensive band at the gym, let alone a brand new gold ring because it will degrade the metal quality quickly.

Few experiences are as frustrating as misplacing your valuable and precious jewelry. Between your car, the locker, the steam room, smoothie bar and weight room, there are an infinite amount of places where you can unintentionally leave your jewelry behind if you’re constantly taking it on and off.


First of all, stud earrings are the only kind of earrings that belong in a gym, since dangly earrings are dangerous and can quickly get entangled on machinery. 

Right Sizes To Wear: When it comes to the size specification, anything between 8 mm to 12 mm is lightweight and comfortable to wear while you workout.


High-intensity workouts like zumba workouts are a great way to speed up your heart rate, but they can also harm your jewelry. You may accidentally bang rings or bracelets against heavy-duty equipment or the gym floor while moving through your zumba workouts. A heavy hit to jewelry can knock your precious gemstone out of its settings, so keep a close watch on your piece if you plan on wearing it to the gym.


A choker-style necklaces is perfect for a workout, since it won't get stuck on barbells or other equipment. Make sure the fit is secure and not too tight or else you'll be distracted during your workout. If you want to wear a longer necklace to the gym, opt for a delicate style that doesn't go far below your collarbone. Wearing a pendant on a long chain can turn into a nightmare when you go for a sprint on the treadmill or when jumping rope. The quicker you run, the harder the pendant will bounce up and down on your chest or even worse, strike you in the face.

The same goes for long hair, place it in a updo in order to avoid getting tugged by equipment. Simple, grab a scrunchie and tie long hair into a ponytail or a quick, neat updo.


Gymsharks, if you do plan to wear jewelry when working out then be sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water afterwards to brush away dirt and sweat. Otherwise, bacterial build-up may lead to inflammation of the skin

When it comes to working out in jewelry, it’s important to know what’s safe—for your own good, as well as the durability of the trinkets you adore the most. 

Sweating isn't exactly good for your jewelry, but feeling fab with a slight touch of glam is ok. This means you should keep trinkets at an absolute minimum. Fit, fashionable women know that lightweight, small huggie earrings and a thin chain necklace will elevate any sporty attire, while not slowing you down. Let's take clues from these fit, fashionable women and opt for super cute accessories that won't interfere with our workouts, no matter the intensity.  

We hope you have enjoyed our simple to use guide to working out in jewelry. We hope that you consider our extra simple to use gym safety tips. Until our next style adventure...