How To Wear Ear Cuffs
How To Wear Ear Cuffs

If you're looking for a way to add some edge to your outfit, then ear cuffs are the best way to do it! These trendy accessories can transform any look from bland to badass in an instant. If you're new to ear cuffs, the idea of putting one on may be a bit intimidating at first, but don't worry; we're here to help! In this article, we'll show you how to wear ear cuffs like a pro.

How To Wear Ear Cuffs
How To Wear Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs are earrings that go around your ear. They are usually made of metal and have a similar design to hoop earrings. However, ear cuffs do not go through lobe piercings; instead, they sit on your ears' outer rims. A snap or clip secures them in place for an adjustable, custom fit. You can wear them on one ear, the other, or both.


STEP 1: In front of a mirror, position the ear cuffs around your ears. Wrap the cuff around the thinnest cartilage section on your ear. Position the flange so one side is behind the ear and the opposite side is in front.

STEP 2: To make it easier to slip the cuff into position, hold the skin and cartilage of the ear taut with one hand.

Use whichever hand is on the same side of the body as the ear you're working on. Use your left hand to hold an ear taut while putting a cuff on your left ear. When dealing with the right ear, use your right hand.

Pinch the top of the ear above the cuff using your index and middle fingers. Then, pin the earlobe utilizing your thumb and ring finger.

Gently pull the top and bottom of your ear in opposite directions, stretching the outer ridge of the ear just enough to make it firm and taut.

STEP 3: Slide the cuff down and inward. Use your other hand to carefully slide the ear cuff down the cartilage's outer edge. Rotate the cuff as you pull it down, leaning it closer to the inner ear until it finally rests on the hollow section of the outer ear canal.

STEP 4: Check that it fits securely on the ear. The ear cuff should not pinch the rim of the ear, or else it will be uncomfortable. If your ear hurts after wearing it, it's too tight. On the contrary, it's too loose if the clip begins to come off or fall lower on your ear.

STEP 5: Make minor modifications by hand. The majority of ear cuffs are delicate enough to change by hand. To make the fit tighter, squeeze the gap between your fingers. Open up the space between your fingers to make the cuff looser.


We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to wear ear cuffs! Ear cuffs are a great way to stand out and add some personality to your look. But it's important to make sure they fit properly, so you're comfortable wearing them. Follow the simple steps in this article, and you'll be wearing ear cuffs like a pro in no time!