There's more to stacking earrings than just throwing on a bunch of dangly earrings and calling it a day. In fact, there's an art to it. Here are some tips on how to stack earrings like a pro:


The first step to a great curated ear is to think about ear anatomy. Consider your ear shape because not every ear has enough space to house multiple lobe piercings or the correct cartilage contour for an inner ear piercing. What ear piercings and earrings will look good on you depends mainly on your ear anatomy.


Perfect ear-piercing placement is essential to a good earring stack. Don't make the mistake of getting a row of closely packed ear piercings and accenting them with oversized studs that cover the ear curve completely.

Apart of creating a beautiful ear design is to play with negative space. Wearing multiple earrings should look polished, but an overly cluttered ear comes off as sloppy and never looks beautiful. It is always best to opt for neat, tiny stud earrings arranged in a pattern that highlights the curves and contours of your ear.

For women with many piercings, it is best to stagger the placement of your tiny studs earrings for a more flattering look. Try not to put all your piercings in the same area or on the same side of your ear, which can look dull and overly done. Staggering earring placements add depth to a curated ear and breaks up the look of too much uniformity.


Once you've considered your ear shape and piercings, it's time to start shopping for the perfect earrings! When selecting earring combos to stack, keep in mind that they should complement each other. You don't want a mismatched bunch of earrings that don't go together stylistically. You can make sure that your earrings go together by keeping the earring size and shape similar in theme.

For example, if you're wearing multiple studs, make sure they are all similar in size; don't mix large ovals with tiny triangles. Too much difference between earring sizes can make for a busy and cluttered look. So, to avoid this unfortunate outcome, opt for earring stackers similar in size and shape.

When going for a mismatched earring look, you'll want to make sure that the styles and shapes all blend fluidly. For example, you can go for a celestial theme with the moon, stars, and planet-shaped studs in your stack. These celestial ear stackers follow a pattern and complement each other aesthetically because they all share a common theme.


The traditional ear stacking method involves wearing the longest earring at the bottom and gradually moving up to shorter pairs as you go up the ear. This is an excellent general rule, but longer earrings are often not even that long. Well, in that case, you'll want to wear them at the top and work your way down as a counterpoint to their length. This approach will create balance and harmony in your earring stack.



If you're wearing cute lobe earrings that are too similar, it is difficult to create visual interest with your ear stack. For example, if both pairs of earrings are small and have the same shape and design, they'll just blend in together and look like one big pair. Instead, try wearing ear stackers that are too similar in a different way. For example, instead of wearing two earrings in the same shape and design, why not mix it up by making one rounder than the other? This mixed style will keep your ear game interesting without doing too much work.

Also, play with earring placement. Instead of having every earring mirror each other, flip one earring shape up and another earring shape down or stack with a third piece to create a bit more dimension.


When you're just starting, it's best to keep your earring stacking simple. Try wearing a pair of studs with a longer similar pair or wear two pairs with the same design in different sizes. As you become more comfortable with layering earrings, you can start experimenting with different shapes and ear designs.


As if having multiple piercings isn't badass enough, throw in an unexpected statement piece. When it comes to lobe earrings, sometimes more is more. A large hoop earring is perfect for your first ear-piercing, then stack it with subtle partners like smaller studs or even a cartilage hoop. Add more, but keep mismatched earrings equal in measure. Offset larger earrings with smaller styles like a cartilage hoop to keep your earring look uncluttered.


For an easy everyday earring stack, make like Rihanna and wear your smallest studs with a more oversized ear cuff. Draw the eye upwards by wearing small studs in your lobes (we love two or three), then throw on a chunky ear cuff for contrast. The result is effortless and cool.


Cluster earrings are a popular trend right now and look amazing stacked together. There are many different ways to stack cluster earrings, but we're going to share two of our favorites.

The first way is to stagger the clusters to alternate in size and shape. Staggering cluster earrings create an exciting and unique look. Another way to stack cluster earrings is by grouping them in threes or fours. This method creates a more uniform look and is perfect for those who want a bit of sparkle without going too over the top.


If you want to add just a little bit more interest to your earring stack, throw in a pair of baby huggie earrings or two. A huggie is a small hoop earring that hugs the edge of your earlobe. They come in a variety of styles, but they're all small and dainty. You can usually find them made with metals like gold or silver.


When it comes to stacking hoop earrings, there are many different ways you can potentially layer earrings to create an edgy and stylish look. The first technique is by tapering your hoops towards the back of the ear to become progressively smaller, mimicking the ear's natural shape. The widest hoop earring looks best placed in the broadest area of the ear, which is the ear lobe, and then progressively getting smaller.

The second technique for stacking earring hoops alternates between tiny stud earrings and hoops. This stacking style provides a break from the heavyweight of hoops and creates a beautiful pattern on your ear. Simply start with the smallest stud in the front of the ear and graduate to a hoop, then back to another stud. Repeat this pattern until you've reached the back of your ear.

Another simple method for stacking earring hoops is linking your hoops together in three different sections; one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. All three areas connect via a chain that also keeps each hoop stable. This style is perfect for those who want a bit of movement in their earrings without going too crazy.

Finally, the last technique is to wear one large hoop earring and several small studs along the outer edge of the hoop. This ear style looks amazing and keeps the focus on the hoop while still providing some visual interest along the outermost part of your ear. Simply start with the hoop and then add studs as you move towards the back of your ear.


Stacking studs is an easy way to experiment with how many earrings you want in your ears without creating a look that's too busy. Three pairs of small earring studs are ideal for everyday wear, but if you prefer more of a statement stack, go all out with five pairs. Just make sure the earrings are all of a similar size and style, or you'll wind up looking mismatched, which looks great on some people but can look a bit haphazard if you're not careful.

When stacking studs, try to avoid mixing metals. Instead, opt for a single metal and keep the earrings in the same color family. This will create a more polished look and ensure that your small studs aren't competing with each other. Mismatched colors can look great too, but they require a bit more styling finesse to pull off.

Also, keep in mind that round studs are an easy starting point for newbies. If it's your first time stacking stud earrings, go with a classic round shape. Want to take things up a notch? Try square or diamond shapes for extra flair!


Ears are not just for pierced earlobes anymore. Cartilage piercings have been around for a while, but now there are even more options! Conch, tragus, daith, and rook piercings are all popular choices for people who want to add some personality to their look.

Studs are an excellent option for tragus piercings because they are comfortable and easy to wear. When you opt for a tiny stud for the tragus area, this small earring style blends in seamlessly and complements all other piercings effortlessly.
Likewise, a helix piercing adds an edgy and innovative twist to your ear stack. Everyday earrings like small dainty hoops are ideal for this area because this delicate style hangs gently from your helix piercing without pulling.


Most people know that stacking earrings can cause discomfort or damage their lobes if they wear too many at once. This problem is especially true for those who like to stack their piercings with dangly jewelry pieces.

A. Dangly earrings can be dangerous. Dangly pieces of jewelry can be dangerous because they can easily get caught on things. This can cause the earrings to become dislodged from the ear or, worse, pull on the earring post and damage the ear.

If you are going to wear dangly pieces of jewelry, it is essential to take a few precautions:

  1. Only wear as many pieces as your ear can comfortably support.
  2. Space out dangly earrings so that they don't bunch up together.
  3. Always use caution when moving your head or hair around, especially if the dangly earrings are close to your face.

B. Stick to lightweight earring styles. Buy dainty earrings that won't stretch out your ear lobe piercings the way heavy earrings might. Sticking to small earrings, tiny hoops, or even delicate threader earrings can save your ears.

C. Limit yourself. If you must wear heavy earrings, try wearing them for only a short time. Try to limit the weight you place on your ear lobes by reserving heavy earrings for special occasions. If you plan to wear heavy earrings, make sure to take them off as soon as your event is over.

D. Another good idea is to buy hollowed-out earrings to reduce the weight on your lobes. Hollow-out earrings are an excellent option if you want the look of heavy earrings but don't want the weight to cause discomfort.

E. Use earring backs. If you are determined to wear heavy earrings, using earring backs can help distribute the weight more evenly. Sturdy earring backs will help prevent your earrings from tugging on your piercings and causing discomfort.

F. Don't overdo it! The bottom line is that you should always listen to your body. If you feel discomfort or pain, it is probably a sign that you are wearing too many earrings. Try taking a break from ear stacking and give your ears time to heal.


Stacking earrings is a great way to add a touch of personality to any outfit. By mixing and matching different styles, you can create a look that's completely unique to you. With a little practice, you'll be a pro at stacking earrings like a pro in no time!