Can you shower with sterling silver jewelry
Can you shower with sterling silver jewelry

We all love our silver jewelry, but have you ever wondered if it's okay to shower with sterling silver? Can it survive the water and not lose its shine? After all, who doesn't want their favorite pendant or necklace to look as good as new after a nice shower?




  • When you shower with sterling silver jewelry, soap or shampoo may come into contact with your pieces. The chemical residue left behind by these cleaning agents might reduce your sterling silver jewelry's brilliant luster and produce a more muted glow. This is not a good thing if you are not a fan of matte jewelry.

  • Even though diamonds are durable gemstones, it is not a good idea to wear diamond stud earrings or a ring while taking a shower. Soaps, oils, and lotions frequently leave a coating on diamonds that lowers their overall brightness. You won't compromise the diamond's integrity. Still, you'll need to have your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned, which takes time and increases the likelihood that a stone's settings will loosen in the future leading to potential loss.
clear   HOT WATER
  • We commonly suggest cleaning sterling silver jewelry with warm water and a small amount of mild, all-natural dish soap. However, extended exposure to water, particularly hot water, may dull the luster of your jewelry over time.

  • When you shower with sterling silver jewelry on, this softens the metal because of extremely high temperatures present in a shower environment. Therefore, your sterling silver jewelry may get softer when showering with hot water. As you may already be aware, soft silver is not great for jewelry wear since it is more likely to bend and scratches more easily. 
clear   STEAM
  • Shower steam can increase bathroom humidity, which is harmful to sterling silver jewelry because it can lead to tarnishing.

  • Your sterling silver jewelry's settings may become looser due to the hot steam from a shower softening the silver metal. Keep in mind that soft silver is bad for securing jewels tightly in their settings resulting in a possible loss or a broken stone. If you're lucky, your stone will land on a hard surface and may chip a bit, requiring recutting, but if your jewel falls down the drain, it will be lost forever.
  • If you do not dry your sterling silver completely after showing, the moisture can cause your sterling silver metal to tarnish, a type of corrosion, when exposed to oxygen and moisture. Your sterling silver metal may turn yellow, brown, or black as a result.

  • Moreover, moisture can dull your sterling silver jewelry's once-bright surface and turn it lifeless.


To keep your sterling silver jewelry in the best condition and ensure it stays as beautiful and shiny as ever, we suggest you remove all of your jewelry before showering. This will prevent any moisture damage and reduce wear and tear on the settings. If you absolutely must shower with sterling silver jewelry, keep it away from direct contact with soap or shampoo, and don't forget to dry it completely afterward. With proper care, you'll be able to enjoy your jewelry for a long time!