It's a question so luxurious it deserves some serious consideration: Can you shower with gold on?

Discover Why Showering in Gold Jewelry is a Big No-No

  • Avoid contact with soaps and shampoos to ensure your gold jewelry keeps its luster. Many showering products contain damaging chemicals that can easily seep into the tiniest crevices of your most prized pieces, leaving soapy residues behind that are nearly impossible to remove using DIY methods. Gradually, these soapy residues will strip your gold jewelry of its sparkle until it dulls and appears "matte."

  • Soap residue and shampoo can accumulate in small crevices (such as prongs), which could potentially cause skin irritation and infection because they are difficult to unlodge. Thus, removing all jewelry before stepping into the shower is important to avoid this.

  • Gemstones are incredibly resilient; however, to preserve their luster and shine for a lifetime, it's best not to wear them in the shower. Soaps and lotions can leave an invisible residue on gemstone jewelry that gradually diminishes its sparkle. Having your jewelry professionally cleaned at regular intervals is essential to ensure your precious pieces continue shining brightly. Taking this precautionary step may seem unnecessary; however, by doing so, you will keep your jewelry looking stunning for longer.
clear   HOT WATER
  • If you want your gold jewelry to sparkle and shine, don't forget to invest some time in cleaning it on a regular basis. A warm water and mild dish soap mix are all you need for a quick cleaning! Though brief contact with hot water will not harm your jewelry, it is important to know that long showers (prolonged exposure) can gradually diminish their shine and radiance.

  • Keep your gold jewelry away from abrasive environments such as steam and hot water, as this could cause irreparable harm to the gold metal, like corrosion, deformity, or deep scratches. To keep your jewelry in its beautiful state, be sure to take it off before showering!
clear   STEAM
  • When wearing your gold-vermeil jewelry around steam, be sure to practice caution, as it can accelerate oxidization and lead to discoloration. While not always destructive to gold belongings, high humidity levels in the atmosphere accelerate tarnishing faster than the normal rate. This frequently happens while cooking with steaming pans or pots, using humidifiers at home, or taking hot showers while wearing your gold jewelry. When oxygen combines with steam molecules, oxidation takes place on metal surfaces, resulting in the formation of dark spots.

  • Soft gold is malleable and can easily be reshaped when exposed to extreme temperatures or pressure. When exposed to steam, the heat causes its exterior molecules to expand while being compressed by the weight of the steam - leading to twisting, bending, and potential breakage.

  • When you're in the shower, be aware of the steam that rises from the hot water - it is strong enough to loosen settings on your gold jewelry and cause stones to fall off onto hard surfaces or down the drain. Don't worry if some small chips occur; after all, gemstones can always be recut back into their original shape!
  • To ensure your gold jewelry stays in pristine condition, be sure to dry it carefully after every shower. If any moisture or humidity remains on your pieces, corrosion will start to form and cause them to develop an unattractive yellowish, brownish, or blackened surface. To keep your sparkling accessories immaculate - take that extra precautionary step and remove all traces of dampness before storing your pieces away!
clear   WEAR + TEAR
  • Although it may not seem like a major issue at first, showering with gold jewelry can be very damaging. The slippery environment could cause accidental contact between your pieces and hard surfaces, resulting in costly repairs or even necessitating replacing them down the line due to an accumulation of small scratches and dents. Thus, always make sure to remove any jewelry before hopping into the shower - you'll thank yourself later!


Showering with gold jewelry on is not recommended, as the hot water and steam can corrode the metal and cause stones to loosen or fall off. If you must wear your precious trinkets while showering, protect them from potential damage by applying a protective coating or keeping them away from direct contact with any hard surfaces. At the end of your shower, carefully dry each piece before storing it away - as any moisture left on it could lead to long-term corrosion and tarnishing. Taking these simple precautions can help ensure that your gold jewelry stays beautiful for years to come! ✨