Gemstone Engagement Rings

Because it doesn't always have to be a diamond...

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       Say the words ‘engagement ring’ and ‘stone’ together and you probably don’t imagine colored gemstones.

      Diamonds have become synonymous with engagement rings, but this doesn’t mean that they should be your only option. 
If you explore the world of gemstones, you’ll be astonished by the number of high-quality gemstones out there that make for perfect engagement rings. From emeralds and rubies to sapphires and topaz… the list is endless. Maybe she secretly fancies a fancy pink sapphire like Princess Eugenie?

      Here are our top reasons outlining why you probably should consider a non-diamond engagement ring.Why confine yourself to colorless when you have a world of colorful stones to select from? Colors allow you to express your personality and sense of fashion. You can find a gemstone for every shade of color you can conceive of. If blue is your color, think of a blue sapphire engagement ring. Light blue? Consider an aquamarine. Dark blue? Why not a rare Tanzanite? The point is, there is a gem for every color you can conceive of, so get creative.

      Gemstones come in a variety of prices to accommodate your budget and you often don’t have to compromise on quality to find one that fits your budget. For instance, a good quality Morganite or Tanzanite will typically be less expensive than a similar sized diamond, even though they may be rarer and just as beautiful. While sapphires, rubies and emeralds are pricier, they likewise are often less expensive than diamond engagement rings.You could also opt for a birthstone to represent your birth month or the a special date such as the month in which you met, proposed or plan to get wedded. The romantic possibilities are almost endless.

      In short, gemstones are a striking alternative to the more traditional Engagement ring styles. Your love story is truly one-of-a-kind and the ring should be just as special.