Delicate Jewelry: Must-Have Jewelry for Every Day Wear!

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There are continuously so many jewelry trends that come back and go out of style. Who can keep up? Simple delicate jewelry is effortless and stands the test of time. An ultra-sleek mix of delicate pieces you'll never want to (or have to) take off. Pretty on a day-to-day basis without having to trend-chase or spend a fortune. Even work-out clothes look better accented with a pair of huggie hoops and a tiny gold necklace on your way to the gym or hot yoga.

Uncomplicated, each jewelry piece is so basic and understated that layering delicate jewelry is effortless despite it also being very modern and clean. By its very essence, simple and delicate jewelry goes with everything, won’t clash with even the most challenging outfits and never fails to make an impression. As an onlooker, it is hard not to stop and express your unabashed love for tiny, low-key jewelry. You might even consider getting your ears pierced again just so you can layer more minimal and trendy earrings. While we are all for statement jewelry, larger jewelry makes it difficult to wear multiple jewelry pieces at once.

Dainty necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces to have in your jewelry collection, but understanding the best way to work these classic pieces into your ensemble is sometimes a style challenge.

When it comes to delicate jewelry: more is more. Finding the correct necklace chain lengths is the secret to pairing several delicate necklaces together. You can’t wear three necklaces of the same length at once or else they'll jumble and people won’t be able to see the amazing detail on each necklace.

Our favorite delicate lariats end with adjustable, necklace extenders. Don't get stuck with the wrong chain length! Avoid style challenges by using necklace extenders that allows you to play with jump rings until you find the perfect length. Try mixing a choker style necklace with a collarbone piece then finish off the look with a delicate lariat. The beauty of delicate necklaces is that it is very hard to look overdone.

Much the same as necklaces, delicate rings are fun to tinker with. Stack them up, layer them on your fingers and make a totally on-trend fashion statement. Whether you choose to wear a single thin ring on each finger or rock three midi rings and a thumb ring, making sure you keep your look cohesive and curated is the most important part of ring styling. In order to do just that, shun the mixed metal look and definitely ward off combining materials (say plastics with metals or wood with ceramic). Aim for a perfect, refined look.

Couple up thin gold rings of different widths if you are going for a mishmash look or stick to thin gold rings that resemble each other if you are attempting to channel a look that is as minimalism-infused as possible. Thin rings work on every finger and are best worn piled high. Delicate rings are a great subtle accent and an easy/ durable option for everyday wear.

To put it plainly, simple and dainty jewelry is efficient, budget-friendly and beautifully simple. Guaranteed to fit into your existing wardrobe seamlessly. A jewelry aesthetic that really, consistently works and doesn’t fade with time. Can you ever, really, go wrong with a tiny gold necklace? Delicate studs that feel anything but basic? Huggie hoops that are trending? Dainty jewelry is, simply put, always a good idea and worth investing in.