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What is French chic?  Like women the world over, we have a long-standing obsession with French girl magnetism. From the simple (yet insanely chic) way the French dress to their easy-going approach to beauty to that inimitable 'je ne sais quoi' we try our best to recreate. 

The trick to replicating the elegance of a French woman is that she takes careful steps to make sure she doesn't appear to care at all.

Practically speaking, French wardrobe staples are just that: timeless, well-fitted staples. Think black pants, classy skinny jeans, menswear-inspired blazers, crisp white blouses and high-quality sweaters. As a matter of fact, think high-quality everything. Just as French fashion is well-constructed and made to last, so is nearly every element of a French woman’s wardrobe.  

 A great example of this is fashion icon and Vogue Paris' editor Emmanuele Alt's natural style. Her style
ranges from items like strappy sandals to waist cinching belts and various arrays of hip denim, could her style be more flawless?  

How To Wear Jewelry Like A French Woman

What is French chic? If you glanced inside a French girl’s jewelry box, what, exactly, would you find? 

Chances are there would be a few essentials you’d discover. Parisian fashion girls have a thing for minimalistic jewelry.

Dainty gold jewelry staples fused into their wardrobes as seamlessly as a plain white T-shirt or the perfect pair of skinny jeans. But just like French girl style, it's less about what you wear and more about how you wear it. In French fashion, jewelry is not something to be reserved for special occasions or carefully tailored to your OOTD. Instead, they're style staples a.k.a delicate, adorned pieces that are never taken off, acting less like accessories and more like a second skin.

French Girl Accessories

1. Thin Stacking Rings
french girl wardrobe staples
We love the subtlety of dainty rings! A hand styled with a unique arrangement of tiny gold rings is pretty much a requisite if you're a French It girl.  This delicate ring style is perfect for stacking, mixing and matching or wearing alone. We love the wearability and versatility of a lush yet delicate ring. You will never leave the house with a handful of tiny gold rings again. Thumb and pinky rings are trending and are très chic. 

Adding minimalist jewelry to your accessorizing game is a super simple way to look Parisian chic effortlessly. Minimalist jewelry never goes out of style, so the thin stacking rings trend is just a really good idea. 

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Peridot Necklace


Silver Peridot Necklace


3. Pendant Necklaces

Whether worn alone to make it the focal point of admiring eyes or stacked against each other in varying lengths, pendant necklaces have us screaming 'oh la la'.  



4. Tiny Drop Earrings

French girls opt for this non-fussy, but still a-little-bit-special, style for everyday wear. 

 Studs and tiny drop earrings are elegant and impactful. They are surprisingly versatile, making them adaptable to other upcoming trends.

Sterling Silver Peridot And Pearl Stud Earrings

Rosa Peridot Studs

             Aria Peridot Studs

5. Ear Cuffs

A simple ear cuff is elegant and fluid. No piercing required.

With flawless Parisian style, the woman and her clothes are smooth mirrors of each other — polished, confident, and smart. By mixing French wardrobe capsule pieces with your current ensembles and the final look you like, it's a cinch to create your own custom version of amazing French style. 

Sterling Silver Peridot And Pearl Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Peridot Stud Earrings

             Charlize Peridot Ear Cuff Earring

     Maisie Silver Peridot Ear Cuff Earring

Paying attention to what French girls wear is much easier now since we have the internet. A simple Google search or a Pinterest/ Instagram browse will give you image after image of Parisian examples of French flair. Google, Pinterest & Instagram brings the searching and browsing thing to a whole new level as you can pin and make notes of what these French women wear so you can duplicate it in your own wardrobe .

With her clean minimalist ensembles, Emmanuelle Alt's personal style in many ways embodies Parisienne chic and the French capsule wardrobe. Don't be afraid to take note of her style choices season after season. Maybe, you're not French and you may not have visited France, but that does not stop you from taking inspiration from her natural style and French flair.

Thank you for taking time to read our French Girl Style Guide. Sometimes, a little shift in our clothing and accessories or the way we portray ourselves can do wonders for our lifestyle. It can take it from dull to awesome with a few quick style changes and gives us a new perspective on life . Fashion has that power to do it  and as witnessed in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a little black dress and pearls can certainly change the world.