The Trend Shoppers Are Loving Right Now

Tie-dye designs have never been more in now that tons of people are working from home. You’ve seen ’em all over your IG feed on the top trendsetters, right?Dare I say that it’s officially replaced florals as summer’s top print? 

Yep, contemporary florals are great and penciled into our fashion calendar every summer like clockwork. It's a trendy way to pull the outside in but occasionally your wardrobe needs to take on something "countercultural." 

If there's one summer style trend that's nearly omnipresent and has everyone 
crushin'  on, it's unquestionably tie-dye designs. 1960s style has made a huge comeback and we're not just talking about the classic throwback tee. We're seeing it all over the place in unexpected high-end pieces.It's a big hit we're seeing on and off the fashion runway and from a wide range of brands like Prada, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney and so on.  

Have fun and pair your tie-dye with other hippie trends from the sixties at affordable price points like flare jeans, hip-huggers, crop tops, fringe, mini skirts, round glasses and more. Even if you weren't old enough to enjoy the original Woodstock festival, you can always recreate 1960s style for fun.  Just grab a pair of hip-huggers, a crochet crop top
 and tie-dye hoops and your good to go.

New tie-dyes are super modern and pair well with breezy summer outfits. Featuring smart color combinations, advanced fabrics and surprising shapes. The newly introduced tie-dye patterns are fashion forward and provide an instantaneous color boost that looks great coupled with a sun-kissed tan.

What’s not to love? It's a no-brainer for trendsetters, an instant mood lifter with an easily accessible price point that is not going to break the bank. Tie-Dye patterns, swirls, crazy color designs… It's all hip and cool.

Even if you're not hitting the beach anytime soon, a 
colorful 2 piece swimsuit is calling your name if you have a backyard pool or a space to lay out and get a sun-kissed tan. Try to pair your swimsuit with tie-dye accessories like jewelry and make the beach your fashion runway.

Have fun an
d incorporate this summer style trend into your fashion calendar in new, unexpected ways.  Give your accessory wardrobe a much-needed color boost.  Plus, breezy summer outfits always pair well with colorful jewelry. If you are currently crushin' on resin like us, look no further...

Amelia Tie-Dye Hoops by Bonheur