Jackie Kennedy

The Best-Dressed Women of All Time: Jackie Kennedy

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With her trademark headscarf and dark glasses , Jacqueline Kennedy's charm and iconic style mesmerized all those who met her. A soft-spoken, regal brunette with wide-set eyes and a chic style all her own.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s look was timeless and classic and sort of quintessentially American. She was famous for her preference for solid colors and suits, commonly accessorizing with pillbox hats, low-heeled pump shoes, highly placed gloves, A-line dresses
(hemmed to the mid-knee area) and jackets with notched collars . She developed a distinctive “ look ” that was copied by many women in the U.S . and overseas.

While in the White House, she opted for casual classics such as comfortable jeans and turtleneck sweaters, which were made popular in the 1960s.

Blessed with good looks and his wife's adorable opposite, President John F. Kennedy was usually nonchalant about his personal appearance, frequently showing up in rumpled suits, frayed shirts and mismatched socks. Leaving the adoring press to fixate primarily on his wife's good looks and chic outfit choices.

Jackie Kennedy was renowned as much for her intelligence as her beauty. An educated, cultured woman with a wry wit, foreign language skills and sophisticated tastes in art, music and literature.

One of the most interesting things about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was that her style was much more than just what she wore. Style was defined by how you lived, how you spoke at dinner parties, how you held the art you had on your wall, the furniture you had and so on. Style for her was very all-encompassing.

As First Lady she transformed life at The White House , hosting spectacular receptions and parties and giving it the air of a home rather than a museum. Jacqueline also undertook a major restoration of the building-helping to save America’s historical buildings was a lifelong passion.

The Reinvention of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a style icon not once but twice in her life. The first time as first lady in the early 1960s with signature pieces such as three-quarter length sleeves and simple sleeveless shift dresses in bright colors, simple elegant lines and of course the strapless satin evening gowns with elegant opera gloves.

Jackie O vanished from the public eye for a couple of years after the untimely death of her husband John F. Kennedy but then reemerged as a private person now wearing what she wanted to wear without the constraints of public duty in 1968. After her marriage to greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, 39-year-old Mrs. Kennedy morphed into Jackie O, which in a way is still how she's often referred to.

The new Jackie O was undoubtedly part of the jet set crowd, often displaying casual resort style in her wardrobe. There were several pictures of her in Capri and spending time vacationing on the private island of Skorpios. Her dresses got much more modern, they were a little looser than her tailored silhouettes of the past. Gone was the stiff bouffant hair that now became softer and free-flowing. She was often seen wearing white jeans, capri sandals, tailored blazers, silk skirts, low-slung linen pants, ballet flats, etc.

Jackie O wore costly yet tasteful jewelry throughout her life including her signature triple-stranded pearl necklace, which she wore often while First Lady. She was also famous for wearing designer brooches, as well as enamel and gold bracelets . Her iconic style even earned Jackie a spot on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1965 .

In conclusion, she donated much of her iconic clothing to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum with pieces of her favorite fashions placed on display several times including an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art after her death.