February's Birthstone Red Garnet: Fun Facts

Every gemstone has its story and so does red garnet. Let's get into some interesting facts about this picturesque gemstone.

Red Garnet Gemstone
  • The lively and complex red garnet is the birthstone for February and associated with amity and friendship. 
  • The garnet, from the Latin granatus, meaning grain or small seed, has been a favorite of jewelers throughout the ages.
  • Properties of red garnet include its attractive red color, relative hardness, and its high refraction.
  • The red garnet gemstone's rich red color has given it many allegorical meanings and its association with Mars, planet of war and destruction, made it popular as an amulet to ward off evil and bring safety. 
  • The first red garnet crystal ever found was around 600 B.C.
  • The red garnet gemstone is actually an aluminum silicate and usually found in two colors: ruddy or cinnamon and dark bluish red.
  • All red garnet crystals are not created equal. Most of garnet on the market today is actually dark brownish red garnet. For a red garnet stone to be considered premium, it has to have a red color, vivid red color and no or very little brown color. 
  • What is red garnet? Red garnet stones are a particular variety of the mineral rhodolite. 
  • Where are garnets found? Rough red garnet stones are found in Republics of Georgia, Madagascar, Tanzania and the USA. 
  • Red garnet gems actually begins life as a brilliant clear crystal, but becomes semi-opaque after it's mined because of the heat from Earth's mantle. 
  • The red garnet birthstone is the third most mined gem in the world, after diamonds and sapphire.
  • How much is red garnet worth? The price of garnet changes depending on the specific gemstone and its cut. Newly unearthed garnets tend to be more expensive as they are rarer and take more time to find.
  • Red Garnet stone price fluctuates. A 5.0 carat deep red garnet stone is worth $1,000 - $2,500 retail.
  • The Red Garnet is possibly the oldest stone used for adornment, it has been found in caves with preserved remains of prehistoric man and prized in ancient times by Romans, Greeks and Egyptians who believed it had magical powers. It was one of the stones in the breastplate of Aaron and is a symbol of vitality and strength.
  •  Red garnet gemstone meaning is often associated with good fortune, prosperity and love.
  • Do you have a red garnet stone ring, maybe a red red garnet engagement ring or a pair of red garnet dangling earrings that need cleaning? Here is how to safely clean them.

     It's easy to maintain the luster of your red garnet jewelry. Clean it gently with warm water and mild dish soap, using a soft cloth and a toothbrush, then dry it with a second soft cloth.

    Also, we suggest you store your garnet jewelry in an airtight plastic bag when you are not wearing it, this will protect it from getting scratched.

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