Clear Quartz

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral found on earth. With over a hundred varieties of quartz in existence, each with its own unique properties, it’s a useful stone for many industrial and commercial purposes. Let’s take a quick look at some interesting facts about the quartz gemstone! 

  • It’s name Quartz comes from the German word “quarz” meaning glass
  • The Quartz stone is actually composed of several elements: silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, calcium, iron oxide, sodium, lithium and potassium
  • The Quartz stone is the second most abundant gemstone on Earth and its colors range from transparent to opaque. The more transparent Quartz is a type of gemstone known as rock crystal. Not all Quartz gemstones have the same level of transparency and color intensity. The Quartz color palette has always included opaque colors such as black, red, pink, etc. In addition to these darker shades of Quartz are those with milky or less-than-transparent appearances - white Quartz or colorless Quartz.
  • Quartz rock is silicon dioxide (SiO2) and has one of the widest varieties of colors in the mineral kingdom. The most precious type of quartz is clear quartz, followed by amethyst which is purple. Sapphire and citrine are both blue/indigo varieties of quartz as well.
  • The quartz gem is one of the widest-spread gemstones in the world. It is located everywhere on Earth but mainly concentrated in mountains due to movements of the tectonic plates. These countries includes Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Congo (the Republic of), France, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia and the USA.
  • The Quartz crystal is so abundant that almost every rock contains at least a small amount of it.
  • One of the reasons that quartz is so popular in the watch industry is because it can conduct electricity under pressure. Quartz is usually a component in an automated watch movement because it allows for smaller components to move around much easier. This also eliminates the need for certain traditional mechanical movements that require things such as gears and bearings, which allows the watch to be much more accurate in time-keeping.
  • Since it is resistant to corrosion, quartz crystals can be found in a number of objects such as crystal glass, gems, computers and watches.
  •  The Quartz rock has a hardness of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs' Scale, meaning it's very durable as well as delicate.
  • Quartz also known as the "crystal of immortality" by ancient Egyptians who believed it symbolized eternal life. To Christians it symbolized incorruptibility and purity.
  • The Quartz Gem, is known as the "Universal Crystal" and believed to have unlimited healing powers. With its powerful metaphysical healing properties, quartz can help with all ailments of the mind, body and soul.