Workplace Jewelry

We all dream of working in an office where casual friday at the office isn’t only confined to the end of the workweek. As much as you love how professional and sleek you look in your tailored pantsuit, heels and classic low chignon, you probably enjoy the freedom of dressing down occasionally.

Deciding which jewelry is appropriate and practical in the workplace is sometimes tricky. The thing is, fashion guidelines differ depending on the type of job you do and although most employers have guidelines for appropriate attire in the workplace , they don't usually extend to what jewelry is permitted by their dress code.

Here are a few things to remember, to keep your pieces 9 to 5 appropriate:

1) Consider the Quality

We live in an appearance-conscious society and small details matter a lot. Pay attention to your jewelry’s materials and craftsmanship. They say a lot about your personal and by extension professional standards. It is better to invest in simple yet high-quality everyday jewelry pieces rather than rotating between loads of poorly constructed, often flashy and uncomfortably heavy costume-esque trinkets. 

2) Comfort is Key

Wearing pieces like hanging earrings, lengthy necklaces and multiple bracelets with charms is not a fantastic strategy if you’re going to do work where they might become entangled or wedged into things. Also, large drop earrings might cause you a lot of discomfort especially if you have a phone pressed against your lobe all day.

3) Enhance not Distract

Think of your workplace jewelry as accent pieces and not as personal decorations. Some people will advise you to only wear up to three pieces of jewelry per work outfit to play it safe. When accessorizing, take into consideration that you want to attract, not overwhelm or annoy co-workers with your jewelry.

4) Space it Out

If you want a courageous look, pick out a single statement accessory. It’s better to not have enough jewelry on than too much. If you are wearing a big-stoned ring, maybe stray from wearing an big cuff earrings and over-the-top bangle at the same time. Maybe let the long statement ring shine on its own? If you really want to wear several eye-catching pieces, limit it to two pieces tops and space out the placement of your pieces.

So the next time you're getting dressed for the workplace, think about the point you want to come across. Intent on giving off a classy and elegant vibe without being dazzling and over the top.

5) Bling Bling

Avoid mind-blowing bling, as you don't want any of your co-workers to think you are dressed unprofessionally. Traditional choices such as real pearl stud earrings, baby gold hoop earrings, a skinny gold ring are always refined and tasteful. Although, harsh bling such as cascading diamond earrings are unsuitable professional attire. Diamond-bedazzled or cocktail-type trinkets are better reserved for after work events.

6) Add a Watch

It's simple, wear a watch to work. It doesn't have to be an expensive watch, but we think that a timepiece subtly expresses that you're reliable, time-conscious and other positive traits.

7) Noise is a No No

Jangling bracelets, clanking earrings... If something you wear makes sound as you write or walk down the corridor, think twice before you wear it to the workplace.  Being unprofessionally dressed includes anything that may disturb your co-workers.

8) Some Things are Common Sense

If your workplace is quite conservative, it goes without saying that they’ll frown on you wearing ultra trendy and loud pieces. We have to agree that dynamic fashion trends such as body chains, ankle bracelet charms and dramatic ear jackets don't belong in a professional setting. 

9) Get Creative

Be style saavy and get creative but in a subtle way. It is ok to show some personality.

Choose personalized jewelry. For example, if you have a pendant necklace with initals or a charm bracelet with hand-selected charms, you can have a lot of fun wearing these personalized pieces. Hey, it's a reminder that you do have your own personal style, even if it’s sometimes restricted by your work uniform.

Wear brightly-colored smaller pieces. Often, dress codes concentrate on jewelry size, but don't think about color. If you feel bored with your regular dress code, add fun with a pair of brightly colored earrings or a sparkling bracelet.

In conclusion, it is important to look good at work but what you wear should also reflect strength, determination and a personal brand image.

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