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How to Organize Jewelry

With decluttering, starting is the hardest part. Time to get into the organizing spirit, crank up the energetic music. 

If you can't see it, you 're unlikely to wear it. At least that's the case with most jewelry.  Here are several tips for organizing jewelry and for keeping it stored, neatly untangled and ready for accessorizing.

Step 1: Go Through All Your Jewelry

First, gather all your jewelry together in one hubble and start to divvy up it up. You'll want to divvy up jewelry by type and by occasion. Give your pieces a once over for possible scuff marks or tarnish. Take quick notes of any damage. It is best to set aside items in need of a good polish or restoring in a separate hubble.

When mining your pile, you may find some unexpected surprises. Reevaluate your needs. If you didn't even remember that you had a certain necklace, why not pass it along to someone who would appreciate it more than you do? If you didn't even remember that you had a certain necklace, why not pass it along to someone who would appreciate it more than you do? We're sure your local organization always appreciates a generous donation.  Hey, even small donations add up and can really help. Plus, you will free up much-needed space for organizing. 

Chuck any unnecessary items. Reevaluate your pile multiple times, just chuck anything that has not been worn in the last two years. Yes, fads come and go in cycles but you don't need to save every piece of jewelry. 

Questions to ask yourself when making sorting decisions:

Do I love wearing this?
Do I have clothes that I can wear with this?
Would I ever wear this retro fad again?
Is it wearable and in fairly good shape?

Step 2: Clean, Repair & Prevent Tarnish

This is the ideal time to get your jewelry in tip-top shape. Give your pieces a once over and detailed notes of the damage. Do you have a scuffed ring? Take this time to polish tarnished silver or gold pieces. Clean rings and wipe down pearls. Have a broken necklace chain? A missing clasp? Now is the time to have it repaired. Don't forget to substitute missing earring backs.

Finally, don't hurdle items left and right because that will cause even more unnecessary, damage. Store items in need of repair for transportation in jewelry bags made of soft cloth and then place these jewelry bags in a secure box.

Step 3:

A. Select Your Organizers - Countertop

When you place your jewelry on the countertop, you'll want to maximize more of your vertical room by utilizing stackable jewelry boxes or organizers. Stack as needed…right side up or upside down. Just make sure the items are accessible.

Or why hide your best baubles in a box when you can put them on display? Your accessories can double as décor as long as they are safe from the glare of harsh sunlight. For example, an earring holder displays your favorite pieces and makes picking a pair a breeze.

Another smart décor solution is utilizing jewelry dishes. They quickly elevate your home's style and serve as an effortless way to bring your belongings together. Fill trays with your current go-to favorites for easy access. They also look amazing on top of your dresser, nightstand or vanity.

Another perk, you can easily see your treasures at first glance. This lets you do a visual inventory, which will alert you when something's gone astray.  

B. What Is The Best Way To Organize Jewelry In Drawers?

Since they don't tangle as easily as necklaces, you can hang bracelets and bangles from countertop organizers or compartmentalize them in drawers or trays. 

If you decide to store your jewelry in drawers, you have a couple of options when it comes to organizing your pieces.  Drawer dividers let you build a personalized system centered on the pieces of jewelry in your set. Drawer dividers come apart easily, so you can change the layout as needed according to your drawer size. Make sure to line your drawers with a soft fabric like velvet to prevent scratches to your jewelry. It is a good idea to label each section, so you always put your jewels back in their proper place.  Make sure to line your drawers with a soft fabric like velvet to prevent scratches.

Another great option is the use of neat, stackable trays made from soft materials such as felt, fabric or leather. These stackable trays keep your jewelry safe from scratches and your necklaces practically tangle-free. 

If you want to avoid getting dust on your jewelry and moving it around every time you’re cleaning up, drawers are a great option. What is the best way to organize jewelry in drawers? It really depends on your specific needs.

C. Jewelry Wall Storage Ideas

Organization ideas for small spaces: Utilizing hanging organizers is a must. The more you have on the wall, the less horizontal or counter space you need for storage.  Hanging organizers come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Most importantly, they get the work done perfectly. 

A good organization idea for small spaces includes using over the door hooks in your closet, on the back of your closet or on a clothing rack for easy storage. Luckily, over the door hooks give your necklaces a glamorous place to rest and adds visual interest to your place. Search for compartments like s-hooks to keep hanging necklaces knot-free. They are adjustable and can hang on multiple types of rods and rails around your house. Every clothing rack or closet needs at least a few s-hooks to hang those extra trinkets on. Also, by storing pieces at eye-level, it makes accessing these items so much more convenient!

Some pieces of statement jewelry are pesky to store because of their stiff construction. Storing dynamic or delicate pieces, so that they don’t get smushed is super important! Hanging them, using hooks and hangers, rather than stacking them is your best bet for preserving your beautiful trinkets for as long as possible. Luckily for the jewelry addict, hooks and hangers are super affordable. 

Cubbyholes are an excellent option for piling up bracelets. Look for slots with clear pockets, so you can see what’s inside at a glance. This lets you spot your must-have pieces easily, while also keeping them safe and sound. 

In Conclusion

No matter what system works the best for you, it's important that you have a system. Different jewelry pieces have different organizational and storage requirements. Each has its own challenges and rewards. Establish your best strategy.

Decluttering is an ongoing fight and steadfastness is required. Don't give up and keep refining your space. The best defense is preparation and not allowing big clutter to accumulate to begin with.