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When choosing what jewelry to wear, 1920s fashion was quite extravagant. From pearls and sapphires to diamonds and silk, women loved to show off their expensive accessories during the Roaring Twenties. Known as the "Golden Age" of Hollywood, glamorous accessories were what 1920s women wanted.

Earrings were commonly worn by flappers and other fashionable women of the time. "The Great Gatsby" is an iconic piece of art when it comes to 1920s aesthetics and many readers will remember the character Daisy and her dangling pearl earrings. In fact, another common 1920s accessory staple was the long beaded necklaces that swung on the chest beneath a woman’s chin.

Although dangling earring for women was a popular trend, some 1920s women opted to don large, showy and thick-cased diamond brooches pinned to their dresses or coats instead. While others opted to wear lightweight, flat, tiny diamond earrings that dangled on a single thread of gold chain from their ears. In many cases these dangling earrings for women were worn with pearls, which became a tremendously popular trend in the 1920s along with small diamond stud earrings.

In addition, many women in the 1920s stopped wearing dangling earrings because they thought it made their faces look too plump. Instead, they embraced the stud earrings for women trend that could be worn with any type of hairstyle. This new style of stud earrings for women were smaller and could be worn by women who had their ears pierced for the first time. Before 1920, most girls were not allowed to have their ears pierced before they got married which usually meant after age 16. A new breed of teenagers with pierced ears made this trend take off.

Most necklaces were worn rather low instead of around the neck. Sparkly gems such as emeralds, diamonds and pearls were used to create necklaces that were decorated with beads, feathers, sequins or anything else that could be pressed into service for adornment.

Likewise, women in the 1920s started to experiment with different kinds of ring styles. Guilloches and chevron patterns went out of style, while circles, zigzags, swirls, hearts and crosses came in.

In summary, 1920s jewelry styles were charming, whimsical and beautiful. Accessories were often also used as a "humble brag," bought with a woman's own money to flaunt her newfound wealth and employment to others. 

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