March's Birthstone: Bloodstone Fun Facts

Bloodstone gems are amazing creations. Here are some fun facts about the very adorable bloodstone birthstone...

  • Bloodstone is an alternative birthstone for the month of March. Other birthstones for March include jasper and aquamarine stones.
  • Bloodstone Zodiac Sign: The bloodstone birthstone's zodiac sign is Aries (Mar 21 to April 19).
  • Bloodstone Properties: The "classic" bloodstone gemstone is green chalcedony with red inclusions of iron oxide or red jasper. Other bloodstone properties include a waxy or resinous luster and a semi-transparent to opaque surface.
  • Bloodstone Locations: Primary bloodstone locations include India, but it is also found in Brazil, China, Australia and the United States.
  • Bloodstone Benefits: It aids a person in feeling a stronger sense of determination and personal power. Other very remarkable bloodstone benefits  include instilling a sense of courage, comfort and strength.
  • Many consider March's birthstone the very adorable bloodstone a lucky charm including athletes and others who wear it to help them grow in strength.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman athletes wore bloodstone to increase their endurance during sporting events.
  • Bloodstone uses: In India, the very remarkable bloodstone uses include consuming finely powdered bloodstone gems as medicine as well as an aphrodisiac.
  • Due to the fact that the coloration of this stone is due to the inclusion of some other mineral within the stone’s matrix as a whole, there are no two pieces of bloodstone crystals that are identical.
  • While the highest quality bloodstone crystals are rare, there is a good metric to use for choosing the best possible gemstone on your jewelry quest. It is important to focus on color before making a purchasing decision. Make sure the gem's green color is solid and the red patches are easily noticeable. On your jewelry quest, you will encounter stones that have little or almost no red spots or have brown spots or streaks. This means they are the less valuable variations of bloodstone.
  • Be careful when cleaning your bloodstone jewelry, as it is easily damaged by chemicals and cleansers. As the high gloss finish comes from a special treatment that can rub off in water, it is best to not even get your jewelry wet. 
  • Dust, pollution, cosmetics and perfumes all conspire to cloud the brilliance of yourgemstone and dull the surface of gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver. We suggest that you take the time to properly store and care for your bloodstone jewelry.

    First, make sure to store your gemstone jewelry in airtight containers such as flat poly bags or plastic ziplock bags. Ideally, every piece of jewelry belongs in its own flat poly bag or an individual plastic ziplock bag. It would be best to find see-through bags, so you can easily check up on the condition of your jewelry. See-through bags enable you to spot a problem with your gems like a crack in the stone at first glance without unnecessarily sullying your pieces with fingerprints.

    Lastly, store your jewelry in a jewelry pouch to add an extra layer of security within a jewelry box. Store each piece of jewelry individually in an airtight container and then a soft jewelry pouch to prevent the scratching of stones and metal. Finish by compartmentalizing your gemstone jewelry in a well-lined jewelry box.