Jewelry Tips:
How to Care for and Clean Your Jewelry 

Here are some helpful jewelry tips to keep your jewelry looking its very best!

  • Simple Is The Way To Go

    There is a natural assumption, though false, that higher-priced items are always better options. This will lead some overprotective jewelry buyers to splurge on costly & harsh cleaning chemicals. This is a big misconception.

    Instead of harsh cleaning chemicals, choose a mild antibacterial soap and mix a spoonful of it with lukewarm water. This prevents unnecessary chemical reactions with the metal surface of your jewelry that could damage the overall appearance. Mild soap is safe for silver or gold jewelry (but not pearls!) Always dry your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Never use a  paper towel that can scratch the surface of your jewelry.
  • Don't Sleep in Jewels

    If you want your jewelry to last longer, have less repair bills and not lose the gemstones in them then take off your jewelry before bed.

    Never sleep in jewelry because you can harm the jewelry or yourself. This happens as a result of twisting and turning during sleep. The precious stone on your ring could potentially loosen causing it to fall out-of-place. Don't risk losing a valuable stone. The sharp edges of gems can also scrape your skin. 
  • Store Jewelry Properly

    Jewelry is a valuable investment and requires the utmost jewelry care. So if you're reckless & just throw away your precious belongings here and there, they're sure to end up bent or scratched.

    Always store jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry box protected from dust or any other matter that might reduce its luster and lifespan. Keep in mind that harder stones can scratch softer ones, so store each jewelry piece in its own protective compartment within the jewelry box.

  • Jewelry Should be Last

    There are times that you shouldn't wear jewelry. 

    Your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on when you are getting dressed and the first thing you take off. Build up of makeup, lotion, hair products and creams can mask the brilliance of the stones in your ring. Hairspray and some hair chemicals can eat away at gold and also dull the surface of diamonds and gemstones. 

    Make sure to wash jewelry after every use with mild soap and lukewarm water. Left-over residue can turn into tarnish.

  • Avoid the Sun & Water

    It's recommended that you keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, silver tarnishes.

    When you're planning to go out in the sun, make sure you put on a scarf to make sure that sun rays don't directly hit your jewelry. If constantly exposed to harsh sun rays, a gemstone's color can fade.

    Heading to the beach or pool? Leave your jewelry at home. You never know what the chlorine or other chemicals in the swimming pool water will do to your jewelry. When you are at the beach, grainy sand pebbles could damage your jewelry. Sand pebbles are very abrasive and will wear off the surface of jewelry that is gold–plating, rhodium–plating, and vermeil. Also, ocean salt water is corrosive. If ocean salt water gets into the joints of your jewelry, it will start to wear down the metal. It will also erodes a gemstone’s brightness.