Fashion From Dynasty on CW

Dynasty is back! The hit show has returned to the CW and television screens all across America.

CW’s Dynasty is always serving more than enough drama via snippy one-liners, gleefully ridiculous plotting and conspicuous displays of wealth. This is the stuff that keeps a new generation of fans, who have never seen the original coming back each week wanting ‘extra’.

The iconic reboot of this classic drama returns with a star-studded cast of both old faces and new. Of course, the queen Fallon Carrington played by Elizabeth Gillies is back as well as fan favorite Kriby Anders, who is played by the stunning Maddison Brown. And we already know what you’re thinking, NO, the Liam on the show is NOT Maddison Brown’s real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

This season also introduces new series regular Michael Michele, who made her debut at the end of season two by playing Dominique Deveraux, secret sister to Blake Carrington and mother to Monica and Jeff Colby. I can feel the drama heating up already. Let the bag of bitchery, betrayal, rivalry and power moves begin. Families with epic drama like this need an epic wardrobe to match.

Costume Designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack turns to pulling jewelry for Bonheur to supply her with the pieces that would best reflect the character’s unique personalities. Bonheur’s chic and architecturally inspired pieces put the perfect finishing touches to any wealthy Georgian family’s wardrobe.

The season premiere, “Guilt Trip to Alaska”, set the fashion precedent for the rest of the season as we saw Michael Michele, aka Dominique Deveraux, rock a chic over the top look that can’t help but let us know that Miss Dominique Deveraux did not come to play. The look included a Dolce and Gabbana high waisted floral pencil skirt, House of Fluff Yeti faux fur coat and Bonheur’s dazzling Lucia Ring. For sure, a statement ring that can withstand a catfight. The ring features entwined rows of sterling silver and twinkling Swarovski stones that gives it a modern aesthetic befitting the up-to-the-minute soap.

Michael Michele Wearing Swarovski Crystal Ring
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The fashion also continued through episode two, “Caution Never Won a War” as we saw Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) looking spectacular while wearing Bonheur’s Cadence Ring. The sleek and stylish ring complete with five cascading rows of Swarovski stones set in sterling silver was paired perfectly with an off-the-shoulder satin cropped Dolce and Gabbana top.

In this episode, we also saw the always sassy Kirby Anders (Maddison Brown) wearing Bonheur’s Selby Heart 18k gold-plated Hoops. Unsurprisingly though, Kirby’s earrings are the only thing in this episode that seemed to be feeling the love.  Also spotted, Liam's mother  Samantha Highfill wearing Bonheur's Candence Ear Cuffs.  F.Y.I a Female character soo Machiavellian that she puts  Fallon’s mother Alexis to shame.

With a new generation of a show comes a new generation of viewers, and Dynasty has demonstrated that they can keep new ages similarly as intrigued this time around. One thing we know for sure is that this isn’t your mothers’ Dynasty. This is largely in part due to the fact that the show keeps up with the ever-changing trends in clothing, pop culture and jewelry. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

Elizabeth Gillies Wearing Swarovski Crystal Ring
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