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‘Honey Boy’: A Masterpiece Directed by Alma Har’el


On April 27th, 2018, uber-talented costume designer Natalie O’Brien reaches out to us regarding a new project she is working on. Fast Forward one year later and ‘Honey Boy’, Shia LaBeouf’s autobiographical screenwriting debut nearly tops ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with its rock-solid box office debut and outshines Netflix’s well-reviewed festival hit “Marriage Story,” starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.



The talent on and off camera includes award-winning documentarian Alma Har’el of LOVETRUE and Bombay Beach whose enchanting camerawork beautifully breathes a sense of hypnotic genius into Honey Boy which could very well be Shia LaBeouf’s ultimate artistic masterpiece. Shia completely submerges himself into the role of his father; methodically channeling emotions of pure rage, resentment, and defeat. His costars Noah Jupe (young Otis/Shia) and Lucas Hedges (Otis/Shia) succeed in emotionally articulating the endless trauma faced by LaBeouf while navigating through the generational wounds of past and present.


FKA Twigs
FKA Twigs


Costume designer Natalie O’Brien effortlessly captures the essence of FKA Twigs character Shy Girl’ (a Mary Magdalene of sorts) by dressing her in see-through camisoles, 90s inspired nameplate hoops, dramatic over the ear cuffs by Bonheur Jewelry, short shorts and over-the-knee patent leather boots.

However, “Shy Girl” is by no means shy. Her body language and dialogue awkwardly spell out a story of love and lust. There is no doubt that she has “that” kind of power over the young, naïve Otis (Noah Jupe). The inevitable blossoming of sexual desire evolves throughout the film in a sensual yet disturbing way.


For Noah Jupe's character young Otis, Natalie O’Brien masterfully dresses young Otis in Bonheur Jewelry ‘Alissa’ necklaces layered around his neck with yellow silk pajamas, dark sunglasses, and a fur coat highlighting the scene’s mega-rich, butler-hiring, child star vibes whilst revisiting a Disney Channel Even Stevens episode.

In conclusion, honey boy is nothing short of spectacular. A story about forgiveness and the power of love, that attempts to mend a broken family and ultimately provides an opportunity for change.

Shia Lebeouf

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