Holiday Shopping: Winter Jewelry Trends

Winter is coming! As the weather gets colder and the countdown to Hanukkah and Christmas Day begins, we are all getting ready to transition into our winter wardrobe essentials. Yes, this means we are all gearing up to toss out our woven bags, mini skirts, maxi dresses and sneakers in favor of sweaters dresses,  over the knee boots, knitted gloves, ribbed turtlenecks, cashmere and wool coats. This doesn't mean we can't rock an awesome holiday bauble or two just because we're all bundled up! Spice up your favorite cold weather ensembles with cool winter jewelry.

When we think of winter jewelry trends, many wardrobe clichés come to mind. It is easy to think of stud earrings shaped like snowflakes, statement necklaces that remind of us Christmas tree ornaments and blingy snow-esque diamonds, but this isn’t the only way to accessorize during the cold season. Winter is the ideal time to dress up in velvet, leather, pearls and all kinds of other incredible decorative items in your closet. 

Necessary gloves, scarves and head-warming hats are unavoidable in the snowy season, so all holiday shopping for cool winter jewelry must revolve around this gear.

How to Wear Jewelry in the Winter Time?

1. Flat Jewelry is Your Friend

You will want to wear accessories with few raised stones or other designs that could snag the delicate threading in your favorite cashmere sweater. If you want a necklace or ring with a little bit of flash you might want to consider stones like opal and jade that are typically rounded and smooth.

Rings with a flat band can prevent fabric snags, but just because a band is flat doesn’t mean its plain and boring. There are bands with lovely burnished or inlaid designs that will look fabulous without potentially destroying your favorite gloves. Flat pieces like chokers or small stud earrings are an excellent way to protect your clothes from accidental damage.

Winter Fashion Tip #2: Round & Smooth Jewelry is Best

For dressy winter events, pearl accessories are perfectly safe. Their smooth surface won't damage your beautiful cold weather ensembles. Gorgeous, elegant and opulent, a doze of pearls will always be appropriate for any upscale setting. Usually worn in a pure white or grey color, they are also an excellent choice for people who want to step their outfit up a notch without going crazy with color.

Winter Fashion Trends #1:  Adjustable Jewelry

When holiday shopping, consider customizable jewelry.

Look out for signs of heat exposure when engaged in indoor activities. In the winter time, excessive heating may make your fingers and wrists swell during indoor activities, making rings and bracelets potentially tight & unpleasant.

On the opposite side, the cold can cause your fingers and wrists to shrink when enjoying outdoor activities. This may make your jewelry dangerously loose.
It will be much more secure to have an adjustable bracelet or wrist cuff to avoid jewels from sliding off and getting buried in the snow. If you will find yourself constantly transitioning between indoor and outdoor activities during the cold season, definitely opt for jewelry with adjustable settings.

Winter Fashion Trends #2: Holiday Colors Errwhere

How to wear jewelry in winter time? Turn your winter months into a winter wonderland with all-white everything. No, not really.

 Winter time is also the ideal time to take advantage of some of those beautiful holiday colors you already have in your closet! Red and green have been repping Christmas since, like, forever! Red, green, blue, silver and gold are all gorgeous additions to your dark winter apparel. No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate this winter, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous & traditional Christmas color scheme.

This is the time of year to break out the plush, decadent colors. Bright pink, yellow and orange may rule the summer months, but it's time to spread the holiday cheer out to a few other color combos. Dazzle everyone by decorating yourself in rich jewel tones. Be the trend master in deep blues, purples and reds this snowy season. To add a lux touch of color during the winter months, bust out your cobalts, scarlets and dark plums as you fashionably march through the snow.

As the Hanukkah and Christmas Day fast approach, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and attempt to forecast the top color trends. These winter season colors will always be holiday classics. These jewel tones aren't going anywhere and we aren't mad about it.

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