The Art of Working Remotely

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Working from home is everyone’s fantasy, isn't it? Having your morning coffee in your PJs while you review your emails and sales figures is the best job ever. But this perfect world isn't all that it's cracked up to be if you lack the willpower to remain focused.

The Myth

When you tell your friends that you are working from home, their first image of you is lounging in your yoga pants and glaring at a computer screen. Your friends assume that this is just another way of saying that you are on a “permanent holiday.” It’s not true, but you could be proving the naysayers right when you have no control over your business day.

Survival Tips

1. Know thyself. Do you have the type of personality that's disciplined and motivated? The scenario where you are the boss is more understandable that way. If you seem to procrastinate or get easily sidetracked, a fairly strict schedule is going to help you keep on task.

2. Create “work” triggers for your brain. Choose a time to start work – Aimlessly walking over to your computer and sitting down at various times each day doesn’t seem like work at all. Get into the right mindset with a definite start and ending time to your work day each day.

3. Disentangle your work space – Even if it is just a half of a room where you have your home office, avoid filling your space with anything that is not connected to work. You're ready for business when you come to this area and nothing but that. Maintain this division to help you in focusing on the tasks at hand.

4. Take a daily break – In the office, employers should provide employees with 15-minute breaks and a lunch period. Use that time to attend to chores, make personal phone calls and rest your brain for a few minutes.

5. Build a to-do list – When you are sitting at your desk, that is not the time to decide what you will accomplish for the day. The last task for each business day is to draw up a list of needed tasks for the next day. With this simpler picture of smaller business goals, you are more likely to stay engaged in work duties for the required time. Working from home might seem like the dream job but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when control goes out the window.

6. Dress for work – Get up and get dressed as you would for the office. This sends a subliminal message to your brain that you are in work mode. A timeless blazer paired with a standout pendant necklace sends a clear message that you are on the clock, whereas loungewear is suggestive of someone running errands in their free time.

7. Be ready for your close-up. Yes, this includes your favorite stud earrings or go-to tasteful hoops. If your dress code is business casual then when that surprise teleconference meeting pops up out of nowhere, you don’t have to rush and quickly change. You won't have to ask your colleagues for gasps, more time. 

If you haven’t given any thought to your business dress because you are at home while you are working, consider getting into character. Side note: If you a running late for your Zoom meeting, nothing reinvents an outfit in record time like grabbing your favorite stackable bangles in a mad dash towards the comp.

8. Get Creative - combine pieces you've never worn before. Why let those old work outfits gather dust just hanging in your closet? It's a shame to let your lengthy chain necklaces go to waste. Always stick to the basics, soft textures and fancy fabrics are key in creating the ultimate set of ready-to-wear, remote work outfits.

9. Stop, relax and be grateful! Let's think about it; you don’t have to get up super early and you won’t be required to spend gas getting to your destination. Who wouldn't love to skip their daily commute? That is living the dream, all thanks to modern technology.