The Do's & Don'ts of Jewelry for the Beach.

Key West Puka Shell Necklace Choker-gifts for her jewellery
Key West Puka Shell Necklace Choker-gifts for her jewellery


You know what they say, diamonds (and any beach) are a girl's best friend.

We admit, beaches and sand don't usually scream "more jewelry!" But hey we all like to accessorize, so why change because we’re having some fun in the sun.

Wondering what jewelry to wear on the beach?  We think there’s no reason you can’t add a little shimmer to your sun-kissed look. With a few pro tips, you can fearlessly wear your jewelry at the beach and back again.  


What are the perfect earrings for the beach? Whether taking a swim or braving the winds, a snug huggie will hug your ear so tight, you won't have a worry in the world. The days of losing your precious beach jewelry while playing sand volleyball are over. 


Nothing screams best life like some golden hoops, but the beach isn’t the ideal place for them. If you slip on a wet rock or dive into the shoreline, your ear lobes could get caught on something leading to a dangerous situation. That’s why we think hoops are better off left in your bag or tucked in a pocket -- at least while you’re near the water.


Nothing beats the breathtaking view of the ocean, sand beneath your feet and sun upon your face. But please, leave the diamonds and other expensive jewelry at home.

Leave the luxe jewelry at home but still stay stylish on the sand. For some more playful options, slap on a bundle of beaded or braided friendship bracelets and a pair of colorful earrings. If an expensive piece slips off while you’re in the ocean, the odds you will find it again are incredibly slim. Whereas, you won’t lose sleep over losing a bundle of beaded bracelets. 


Can you wear pearls in the ocean? NO NO NEVER wear pearls at the beach! You'd think because they come from oysters in the ocean they'd be safe? But no, sand and salt water ruin a pearl's luster. Your pearls will never be the same.


Obvious tan lines from a wide bracelet or ring are not the kinds of souvenirs you want from sun tanning on the beach. Prevent ring and bracelet tattoos from the sun at all costs. Prevent this by sticking to dainty pieces that have a lot of movement. Otherwise, you’ll wear the unflattering imprint from your vacation on the beach for weeks. 

Hot Hot Hot

Also, another reason you should avoid chunky pieces is that you may soon get uncomfortable wearing them. The sun will warm up the metal and it can make things very unpleasant. 


The salt water isn’t always kind to certain metals, nor is sweaty skin. Thus avoid wearing jewelry made from metals like copper, sterling silver and pewter. Instead, look for water safe jewelry made from rose gold, white gold, regular gold or platinum.


A pop of turquoise is a great way to bring out that tan you've been working on. Keep in mind that certain gemstones epitomize the vibe of the beach better than others. Turquoise and green tourmaline gems are both perfect examples of gemstones that look right at home on the beach. Opt for a lighter vibrant color as opposed to a deeper blue. Citrine and imperial topaz are also great options as their hues mimic a beach sunset. You can also go the more exotic route by pairing garnet and beryl stones to recreate a fiery version of a beach sunset.


Summer is for less. Fun in the sun involves doing less, stressing less and of course, wearing less. Take a minimalist approach to your accessorizing and choose just two pieces. (Ok, maybe three).

All you really need is a little hint of gold at the wrist, maybe a nice flash at the ankle, some color from the earlobes—an extra whiff of luxury to go with your expertly picked suit. Remember, any one could take a random necklace and pair it up with any swimsuit, but it takes a true fashion aficionado to do it right.


Yes, your fingers will get tan lines a.k.a ring tattoos but if you are always wearing rings, who can tell? Besides, wearing stacked golden rings while sun tanning looks spectacular especially paired with a simple swimsuit and a large straw hat. 

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