"As more women scrutinize clothing labels for signs of where and how things are being made, marrying fashionability with responsibility is more important than ever." - Vogue

Ani Ring by Bonheur Jewelry. Made from recycled silver.

Sustainable fashion is not only fun, it makes you feel good about yourself and the way you view the world. It is a glass half-full approach to fashion.

Strive to buy things that create good situations for everyone involved, from the manufacturers to the suppliers to the retailers to you. 

1We Vow to Try to Make Eco-Friendly Purchases

Consumers—particularly Millennials—increasingly say they want brands that embrace purpose and sustainability. The reality is fashion houses are more mindful of ethical production processes if consumers demand it.

By simply thinking through purchases before you make them, you will be voting with your wallet, which drives real change.

2We Vow to Try to Support Small Businesses

Supporting local brands supports a healthy economy. A stronger economy is only one of the perks of shopping local. Encouraging local artists and helping promote individual creativity among our peers while donning one of a kind locally crafted chic wear is another.

We Vow to Try to Support Women-Run Businesses

One of the easiest solutions is to use our buying power to send clear messages.
Shop with intention by choosing brands that empower women so we can carve out more seats at the table, defy gender norms & battle inequality.

We Vow to Try to Look for Classics, Stray From Trends

I love fashion. I'm all for spending money on clothes, just not on clothes that don't last. For the most part, you get what you pay for, so do your research and invest in your wardrobe wisely.

Think about all of the tasteful, chic women you know, either in person or onscreen. Who are your style icons? Almost every one that I can think of has a distinct, timeless style with a keen eye for quality pieces.

Well-made and thoughtful pieces have fabulous first lives and then go on to have second, third, and even fourth lives in vintages shops and homes filled with hand-me-downs.

We Vow to Try to Buy Pieces That Last

Great-quality that’s still affordable and holds long-term value often comes from small, independent fashion brands and not the large retailers engaged in fast fashion fads.

The solution is to pay attention to the materials used and the location of the items made and then you get bonus points for paying attention to what the company stands for. When you upgrade, make sure you are upgrading in quality and not just cost. Once you experience truly well-made clothing and accessories, it is almost incomprehensible to go back to poorly made ones. Be prepared to buy less in order to buy better!

Buying a lot less but upgrading what you buy is really the key to avoiding a lifetime of careless consumption.

If you're obsessed with fast fashion and wondering how you can squash your acquisitive spirit, need not worry- I am not taking away your shopping; on the contrary, I am helping you to shop with a purpose. Your wardrobe will be better, your wallet heavier, and the world a better place. How can you argue with that?