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Ring Stacking 101: How to Create Amazing Ring Combos

Can’t get enough of rings? Neither can we. Looking for the best way to wear multiple rings?  We've got you covered, no matter your stack style. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect ring party.

1. Consider Hand Size

When it comes to the layered rings trend, hand size matters. With small hands, it's best to keep the overall proportion of your rings small. Huge stones can look overdone on small hands. Select a smaller stone (maybe one carat) to strike the right balance or choose sparkling crystal-encrusted bands without center stones for layering. 

With larger hands, you can easily get away with bigger and bolder styles. Halo styles or detailed bands work well for larger hand stacking.

2. What Ring Will Look Best on your Finger? Well, depends on your finger.


A. Princess-cut and round stone styles compliment long fingers.
B. Wider bands tend to flatter length.
C. Long fingers can easily pull of a statement style.


A. Smaller stones can help make skinny fingers appear wider.
B. Thicker bands work well to widen the appearance of your finger.


A. The best rings for short fingers are rings with oval, pear or marquise stones because they help lengthen the look of your finger.
B. Emerald cut rings can also elongate short fingers, as long they aren’t so big as to overpower the fingers.
C. Skinny, narrow-width bands are also the best rings for short fingers because they create the illusion of length.


A. Go for a wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald cut rings — slim stones will make wide fingers look even wider.
B. Cluster styles and round stones in larger settings compliment broad fingers.
C. Choose a medium to thick band.
D. Sharp-cornered shapes and asymmetrical designs both downplay the wideness of the finger.

3. Stick to Simple Nail Designs

A pretty manicure is nice. But you know what makes it even nicer? If it complements your jewelry.

The point of a ‘stack-a-thon’ is to draw attention to your hands. Stick to simple nail designs. Don't let your nails be a distraction by keeping them short, square and chip-free. 

Nail the stacking rings trend. Choosing a nail polish color that is complimentary to your layered jewelry and helps to complete the look you want to achieve. Neutral and blush tone nail polish will keep your gold and silver stackable rings the stars of the show. Metallic colored polish will also help highlight your ring stack.

But off colors like neon shades, glimmering lacquer, etc. can look gimmicky.

4. Avoid Too Much Other Jewelry

Make a statement with your stackable ring set by not adding too much other jewelry. Earrings are okay, but stay away from layering necklaces or stacking bracelet sets at the same time.

5. The Magic Number

How to style rings? People tend to find groups of anything in odd numbers more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The same goes for layering rings. It is best to stack in odd numbers.

Gold and silver stackable rings in odd numbers tend to look dynamic while at the same time appearing more natural.

6. Be Cohesive

Be cohesive– the multiple rings trend is all about creativity and self-expression. However, be careful to not have contrasting colors that are confusing to the eye. While you can play around with shapes, flowers and textures, try to have rings that are closely related.

7. Add Gemstone Accents

Incorporate bright baubles. If you’re into the gemstone look, wearing layered rings with gemstones is a fun way to express it. Many people have a strong connection to their birthstone and others feel a connection to protective gemstones like amethyst or tourmaline. Stacking gem rings adds color and energy to your  finger party.

When stacking rings with stones, just make sure to stagger the stones so they lay better. 

For a foolproof look, you can use gems in different hues belonging to the same color family. If you’re feeling a bit braver, pair up simple stacking bands with gemstone rings that feature the same stone in different cuts.

8. Consider the Setting

It is also important to consider the settings when stacking rings. Solitaire, cathedral or bezel settings don’t look so great with other rings that have the same or similar settings. Usually, a ring that has a centerpiece looks good with rings that feature gemstones in paving or channel settings.

9. Mix and Match Metals

Live a little and mix silver, gold and rose gold together. You can easily pull off this look by sticking to only two metals at one time. Choose a principle color, then work 2-3 pieces of your secondary color throughout your stack.

A common mistake with ring stacking is feeling limited to one particular metal. Go ahead and alternate metal colors to break up the monotony and keep things interesting with thick and thin bands in varying metallic tones. The results? Mix and match your way to uber chicness.

10. Embrace Two-Tone

Consider two-tone stacking rings your free ticket to mix-and-match heaven. With a ring that weaves yellow, white and rose gold together, you’ll be more easily able to incorporate these hues across the rest of your ring stack.

Two-tone stacking rings are a foolproof way to indulge in this trend.

11. Create a Focal Point

Generally, it’s a good idea to have only one large statement ring when stacking. This way, you can show off your dazzling piece, without distracting from your other rings. Opt for smaller rings with thinner bands to complement the star of the show.

If you have an especially bulky ring or a favorite statement bauble that you want to showcase, consider letting it fly solo and leave the piling on to other digits.

12. Leave at Least One Finger Bare

Go big or go home? Stack em up? Um, not always. Try to stick to stacking only four digits at one time. Negative space can help you achieve a more balanced look for the whole hand hence try to keep at least one finger bare.

Ring combos on one finger gives off a cleaner, simplistic look, whereas wearing different stacker rings on multiple fingers can have a more avant-garde feel.

13. Vary Weights and Shapes

If you’re too matchy-matchy or “safe,” you’re missing a great opportunity to show individuality. To avoid having your rings be too monotonous, play with proportions, size and shape for added dimension. Only delicate jewelry rings are stackable is a style myth.

14. Mix Textures

Avoid your ring edit looking ho-hum, go for stacked rings with different textures such as hammered, patterned, milgrain, etc.  

Relax and have fun, the whole point of stacking rings is to create a set that is just as unique as the person wearing it. Best way to wear multiple rings? Just remember, If you can’t move your fingers, you’re doing it right. (Kidding. Sort of.)

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