January's Birthstone Garnet: Fun Facts

There are so many interesting facts that make us love garnets and we've listed our top 9 here for you!

Garnet Gemstone
  • Garnet is the birthstone of January and is the stone of those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.
  • Garnet derives from the Middle English word, 'gernet' meaning dark red. The term arose from the Latin word "granatum," meaning seed. Subsequently, the gemstone’s connection to seeds comes from the red seeds within a pomegranate.
  • They Aren’t All Red. In fact, it exists in many colors, such as black, green, or even colorless. While the garnet is actually found in a rainbow of colors, most people associate the birthstone with its deep red hue.
  • Out of all the colors of garnet, green gems are the most valuable and are very rare. Pure red garnets are precious stones and therefore demand a high price.
  • They Aren’t Mined Underground. Although many gemstones are mined underground, if not most, the garnets are not. Yes, garnets are commonly found in streams and watery areas as small pebbles.
  • They’re found in many places around the world including North and South America, Australia, India, Asia and Spain.
  • Garnet is a gemstone deeply rooted in royal legend. Archeologists have often discovered garnet amulets placed around the necks of pharaohs in Old Egyptian tombs. Ancient Roman leaders wore marvelous garnets signet rings – they used them for etching wax seals on important documents and letters.
  • No gemstone is without its lore. Garnet is a symbol of peace, health and strong friendship.
  • Garnets are unique in that they should not be cleaned frequently with water so you need to be mindful when cleaning your garnet jewelry in order to get a bright, clean shine. Polish the stones with a fresh, dry cloth. Be sure that you use a soft cloth, not one that has any texture that might scratch the gemstone.