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How to Stack Earrings: All About the #EarParty 

Accessorizing has taken off in a big way these last few years and we’re totally here for it! We can't stop seeing decorated ears streaming through our Instagram feed with tiny bright clusters of stacked studs everywhere. 

Some days, one pair of earrings just isn't enough, right? Wondering how to wear multiple earrings without looking try hard? We break down our favorite ways to wear and pair multiples, so you can personalize your own exclusive and super stylish blend. Read on for the low-down on how to layer earrings like a pro.

 How to Wear Multiple Earrings

1) Grab Micro Studs

For an on point fashion look, opt for tiny earrings. Choose smaller studs that give you enough room between your numerous ear piercings, making your stacked earrings look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. 

Comfort is key or you'll never wear it. Again, the best option is to look for small studs, which are easily worn all day, every day. These dainty beauties are so light in weight that you will forget you even have them on.

2) Not All Piercings are Created Equal

Perfect ear piercing placement is essential. Don't make the mistake of getting a row of stacked lobe piercings that are closely packed together then accenting them with oversized studs that completely cover the curve of the ear. Part of creating a beautiful design is to play with negative space. An overly cluttered ear never looks beautiful.

3) Play it by Ear

Consider your ear shape because not every ear has enough space to house multiple lobe piercings or the correct cartilage contour for an inner ear piercing. What type of ear piercings and earrings will look good on you depends largely on your ear anatomy.

4) Throw in a Huggie

Huggies are tiny hoops studs that wrap around your ear. Best of all, huggie earrings play well with other earrings. They look amazing worn on their own, but they're still super flexible when wearing with a lot of other earrings. 

Perfect for placing higher up the helix of the ear for a trés cool look.

5) Choose a Favorite

While stacking doesn’t necessarily have any limits, choosing a favorite piece of jewelry and then creating a story around it is the secret to a winning stack.

6) Mix Dainty+Statement

As if having multiple piercings isn't badass enough, throw in an unexpected statement piece. When it comes to lobe earring, sometimes more is more. A large hoop earring is perfect for your first ear-piercing, then stack them up with subtle partners like smaller studs or even a huggie.

Add more, but keep it equal in measure. Offset bigger earrings with smaller styles to keep the ear uncluttered.

7) Stay in Your Lane

Upgrade your earring stack with pieces that share a common element, such as the same metal, gemstone, or shape. For example, we love an ear lined with hoops. This is pretty essential to good ear stacking.

8) Dangle On

For more intrigue, add a dangling pair of waterfall earrings. Dangling earrings look best when worn in your first lobe piercing, so compliment them with studs and hoops in your other piercings.

What are the best hoop earrings for multiple piercings? When layering earrings, small and/or hollow hoops are best or else the weight of the earrings might feel too heavy against your lobe.

F.Y.I. The longer your cascading earrings are, the more intense your stacked earring look will be.

9) How to Wear Earrings Without Piercings

No piercing, no problem, Adjustable ear cuffs are game changers for your innocent, curated ear. Not only do non-pierced cuffs encourage you to get super artsy with your ear décor, but they’re an awesome way to showcase this cool trend without committing to an ear piercing bender. Yeah, piercings hurt and commitment is scary

Mix it up with simple ear cuffs, ear crawlers,magnetic studs and clip-on styles for an adorable faux earring stack.  

10) Bling it Out

What's better than beautiful curated ear jewelry dripping in sparkle? Nada. Take your ears to dazzling heights by customizing your stack with charming additions like pavé ear cuffs, sparkling hoop charms in all shapes, sizes & luminous colours.

Added bonus, these blinged-out party earrings are always soirée ready.

11) Try This Out: Bar Studs

Have your plan ready before you start, a curated ear requires a lot of ear mapping. 

Try the minimalist approach with thin gold or silver dashes layered on top of each other. A row of glittering bar stud earrings in ascending or descending order makes your curated ear look neat and elegant. 

12) Don't Match Too Much

Mix and match your studs from one ear to the other or even add a 
threader earring alongside your studs to mismatch and add some asymmetry.

Stacking your ear is all about mixing and matching different parts of the ear whilst creating an overall cohesive look. 

In Conclusion

Hey, its art for your ear lobe. A carefully and beautifully done ear curation is now the accessory du jour.

When it comes to building an ear stack there really is no right or wrong way. Your look should always resonate with your personal aesthetic, whether it follows certain fashion laws or not. If you love it then it's great! Be bold, be you and break some rules.

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